Certified Lab Grown Diamond Rings: Everything You Need to Know

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

It’s a known fact that diamonds are exquisite, exceptional, and sometimes exorbitantly priced. The pricing can sometimes be an unwelcome surprise to those who plan to keep a rather modest budget.

But did you know that lab grown diamonds with the same sparkle and shine as mined stones are a more eco-friendly and sustainable option and the ideal pocket-friendly alternative for mined diamonds? And did you know that just like natural diamonds, they undergo a diamond certification process set by leading diamond grading institutions like GIA and IGI?

Lab Grown Diamonds: A Sustainable and Budget Friendly Choice

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Since its creation 70 years ago, certified lab grown diamonds have been a promising solution to environmental degradation caused by the mining industry. They’ve also been the most appropriate solution for budget constraints. Moreover, it has also gained huge popularity as many celebrities opt for lab diamonds, mostly because it is an environmentally smart option.

Lab Grown Diamond Have the Same Sparkle as Mined Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Over the last decade, lab-grown diamonds have gained immense popularity and become the trending topic in the jewelry business. They have a unique quality, as they resemble natural diamonds, ultimately drawing people’s attention. Sometimes even a gemologist can’t tell apart a lab diamond and a natural diamond!

As the name suggests, these lab diamonds are created in a laboratory and are also known as man-made diamonds. However, that does not make them fake, or simulant diamonds, nor are they cubic zirconia or moissanite. They have the same physical, optical, and chemical composition as real mined diamonds and are certified and graded based on their cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

As a lab grown diamond has the same composition as a natural diamond, people can shop for a budget-friendly certified lab diamond and save on their spending.

 Lab Diamond Jewelry

Certified lab diamonds today are used when crafting a variety of jewelry. The love for diamonds ranges from diamond tennis bracelets to diamond stud earrings and diamond necklaces. But the most loved ones are diamond rings.

Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Lab diamond engagement rings are rising in popularity, with couples looking to make a sustainable choice when proposing to their partner. The engagement ring shared between the couple symbolizes love, respect, and devotion and is a jewelry piece cherished throughout their relationship.

Friendly Diamonds

Friendly Diamonds is a New York-based eco-friendly diamond brand offering certified lab grown diamond rings. With a wide range of certified lab diamonds crafted on beautiful ring settings, you’re sure to find a ring that’ll make for a special proposal. You also get the opportunity to create your own ring by choosing a lab diamond shape and a ring setting.

Certified Lab Rings Available at Friendly Diamonds

Cheryl Side Stone Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The Cheryl Side Stone Diamond Ring is an elegant ring crafted with a solitaire resting in a four-prong basket. The shank has glittering pave set diamonds in individual square frames giving the ring a brilliant and exceptional look.

Lauren Three Stone Emerald Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The Lauren Emerald Diamond ring is the coming together of two emerald-cut side diamonds set beside a center solitaire in a four-prong basket. The design makes for an enticing piece considering it has a slightly graduating and tulip-like shank.

Allen Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The Allen Diamond Ring is a ring crafted with a beautiful design aesthetic where a solitaire is secured by four prongs crisscrossing at the ring’s bridge. It forms a little gallery at the base of the center diamond which gives it a subtle look. The collet on which the center diamond is placed securely holds the pavilion and base of the center diamond sturdily giving it an aesthetic look.

Galen Secret Halo Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The Galen Secret Halo Diamond Ring displays a gorgeous petal-like design that holds the diamond with a gentle and sturdy grip. A hidden halo that rests below the center lab diamond adds to the lustrous charm of the ring.

Moreover, the top view of the diamond showcases the sleek curved edges of the prong, forming a floral-like design to the ring. Delicate pave diamonds set elegantly on either side of the band give the ring a flawless look.

Electra Criss Cross Halo Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Similarly, the gorgeous Electra diamond ring makes for the perfect circular halo of fine pave set diamonds. The center solitaire of this unique ring is fixed within four prongs that are settled elegantly in the middle of the halo. At the same time, the handcrafted criss-cross style shank displays a pave set of diamonds studded across the whole band, giving it an extremely rare sparkle.

Tiara Three Stone Diamond Ring

Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Lastly, as the name suggests, the Tiara three-stone diamond ring showcases a middle gemstone accompanied by two side diamonds held in a prong setting that gives out an appearance of a Tiara when observed from the side. The ring’s shank is adorned with pave set diamonds that flow midway across both sides of this gorgeous lab diamond ring.

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