Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend Bikini Photos Go Viral

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's Bikini Photos Go Viral

After a disappointing 2022 season with a 4-13 win-loss card, the Arizona Cardinals fired head coach Kliff Kingsbury for the failure of the team. Getting fired from your job is a big thing in your career, and many people get into depression. However, Kliff Kingsbury has a good support system!

Some reports say that after getting fired, he immediately went on a one-way trip to Thailand. This is a good step to stay away from the spotlight and focus on his personal life more. Apart from his professional life, his personal life has also gained significant attention, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend.

Recently, his former girlfriend and Polish model, Veronica Bielik, posted some sexy and sultry pictures on Instagram, which set the internet on fire and sparked controversy. It is speculated that both the stars are in Thailand to enjoy a peaceful and quiet life for now after the stressful season!

So, maybe he fell short in football, but he is way more strong in his personal life!

Let’s know more about the Kliff Kingsbury girlfriend, their relationship, and why her pictures are making headlines online.

Who is Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend?

Veronica Bielik is a famous fashion and fitness model, social media influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur. She has gained a large following on social media platforms thanks to her stunning looks, amazing fashion sense, and fit body. She has 3.6 million followers on Instagram. She constantly shares content like fashion, travel, and lifestyle on various social media platforms.

Who is Kliff Kingsbury's Girlfriend

She has come into constant limelight for dating the Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury. And recently caught the media’s eye for her extremely short swimsuit photos!

Profile Summary 
  • Full name – Veronica Bielik
  • Age – 29 years
  • Height – 5’8″
  • Weight – 123 pounds
  • Body measurements (in inches) – 35-24-36
  • Relationship status – Dating
  • Profession – Fashion model, social media influencer, entrepreneur

Is Kliff Kingsbury Married?

Is Kliff Kingsbury Married?

As of April 2023, the answer is NO; the couple is not currently married!

There is little to no information about how, when, and where Kliff Kingsbury and Veronica Bielik first met. However, they have been dating each other since November 2021, but Bielik is not Kliff Kingsbury’s wife.

These two stars haven’t been seen in public together, but Bielik shared severed photos on her Instagram account that were believed to be in the former NFL quarterback’s household. And now they’re living together!

Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Posts Sizzling Hot Bikini Photos

Kliff Kingsbury's Girlfriend Posts Sizzling Hot Bikini Photos

Lately, Kliff Kingsbury’s girlfriend, Veronica Bielik, shared a series of photos on her Instagram account. She has been seen wearing a very small bikini while enjoying the beach in Thailand!

These sexy pictures of her heated up social media, and people went crazy over her sun-kissed bikini looks!

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's Bikini Photos

Her pictures have been shared widely across social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. And people are speculating whether she is still with Kliff Kingsbury or not!

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's Bikini Photos

In one of the posts, she was saying goodbye to Thailand after spending a great time there with her boyfriend, Kliff Kingsbury.

Veronica Bielik captioned the post, “Next time I’ll post the ones I liked the most,” and added the hashtag “Bye Thailand.”

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's Bikini Photos

She has also shared a series of pictures where she looks stunning in a swimsuit and enjoys the pool with the breathtaking views of Thailand beach.

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's looks stunning in a swimsuit

Kliff Better Put a Ring on It!! (One user commented on the post)

People started to drop likes and comments on the posts because, in these pictures, Bielik is looking absolutely gorgeous!

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's absolutely gorgeous

Immediately after her Instagram post, the comments section was all about Kliff Kingsbury.

In all the Bielik’s Thailand photos, people asked about Kliff Kingsbury. The comment section was filled with questions like “You got Kliff with you?” and “Are you moving in with Kliff in Arizona finally?”

“Where’s Kliff?!” one fan asked under one of Bielik’s Instagram posts.

“Coach living his best life,” another said.

What’s Next For Kliff Kingsbury?

Kliff Kingsbury most successful football coaches in the United States

Kliff Kingsbury is considered one of the most successful football coaches in the United States. While people around the globe are guessing what lies ahead for Kliff Kingsbury and what could be his next move, the man is currently away from all these questions and stress.

After booking a one-way ticket to Thailand, Kingsbury made it clear that he would be absent from the NFL world for quite some time. However, he is still under contract with the Arizona Cardinals. He has been the head coach position for the Arizona Cardinals since 2019, with a 6-year extension up to 2027. But recently, he got fired after a disastrous season.

Kliff Kingsbury Girlfriend's Bikini Photos Go Viral

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrage mentioned that Kliff immediately bought a one-way ticket to the South East Asia country and left the country after getting fired. He also reported that he had no intention of coaching this entire year.

Schrager said, “One of the guys who’s being mentioned as an offensive coordinator candidate for everywhere from New England to LA is recently-fired Kliff Kingsbury. I don’t know if this is breaking news or not – Kliff Kingsbury’s in Thailand right now. He bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.”

Right now, Kliff Kingsbury is enjoying the Thailand beaches and pools with his girlfriend, Veronica Bielik, who also seems to be unbothered about all the questions and criticism. The couple is spending a great time together in Thailand, as seen on Bielik’s social media posts.

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