How to Keep Your Skirt in Place

How to Keep Your Skirt in Place

Do you wish to walk hands-free while you wear your skirt to run errands? Many skirt hacks will help you achieve this and you will wear skirts often. It is possible to keep your skirts in place and prevent them from flying in the wind, or riding up that in many cases ruins your day. Also, it helps those who have to fix their waistband as they stand up every single time. All these skirt challenges are common to most women and you mustn’t throw your skirts out yet as there is a way to keep your skirt in place. Below are some ways to keep your skirt in place.

Wear with Safety Shorts


To begin with, safety shorts will help you keep your skirt in place every time you wear them. See more here for fashionable skirts to wear with safety shorts that will help them stay in place. When you buy your safety shorts, it is best to buy those that have a stretchy, jersey fabric. In this way, the friction from the jersey fabric will make your skirt stay in place. Additionally, if you want your shorts to lie as incognito as possible. As you purchase your skirts, get a few shorts in different colors that you will wear underneath to match with various color skirts as well.

Wear Shapewear


Another way to make your skirt stay and not stray when you wear it to run your errands is to wear shapewear underneath. This works best with a body con or fitting pencil skirt. Therefore, just like when you have safety shorts as mentioned above. The friction from the shapewear under any material, including the silkiest ones, will help you keep your skirt in place. In this way, your skirt will not ride up easily, or move from one side to another, and you will keep your hands free from all these issues. Plus, your mind will be free from any worry as you run your errands.

Use Hairspray

How amazing is it that one of your beauty products offers a hack that will help your skirt to stay in place? If you have no hairspray as part of your beauty stuff, buy some to use when you wear skirts. So to use your hairspray, use your day to day moisturizer and apply a thin layer on your legs that will be a barrier. Also, you should do a patch test to ensure that it does not react with your skin after you spray it. Considering where your skirt hem will land, spray a little of the hairspray to control it from riding up and shifting. Also, on your tights when you have a static cling problem, the fabric from the skirt is less likely to stick.

Wear Wrap Skirts

Wear Wrap Skirts

As you continue finding ways that will help your skirt stay in place. Try to purchase some fashionable skirts that you can try out this season. Especially, the wrap skirts are an ideal hack as they do not pander to the wind. Just like pencil skirts, wrap skirts are the best wind-resistant skirts that you can dress to especially when you don’t want a skirt that fly’s backward and up at any light breeze. Plus, even when the side breeze forces it to one side, there’s an extra flap of material that will keep you covered due to the design of this skirt. There are many types of wrap skirts with many cuts and shapes. Choose wrap skirts that give you an ideal swish in the wind that will also not compromise your modesty, such as a high low wrap skirt.

Use the Over Tuck Method


Sometimes the reason your skirt is not in place is that it turns round as it is not fitting at the waist. Therefore, it is important if you need it to stay in a place that you master the over tuck and you can wear your skirt with no issue at all. So, you need a pair of short tights and a top that will cover your skirt’s waistband.

Then, wear your tights and fold the tights waistband over the waistband of your skirt and this will help it to stay intact without moving around. Wear a top that covers the waistband area that will not expose your hack as you step out to run your errands. By trying this hack, all the loose skirts that you have on the waist or hips area, will stay in place and not move side to side.

Use Dress Weights

Use Dress Weights to Keep Your Skirt in Place

Instead of rethinking wearing your skirt on a windy day. Decide to use dress weights, also known as hem weights that help to weigh the fabric down to avoid it flying up with the wind. Either it is dresses or skirts, to some pant dress weights, they come in handy. Other benefits that the dress weights have are to prevent your skirts or dresses from sticking on your bum, preventing them from laying on your body weirdly, and also to prevent the clothes from rising as you walk. This hack is not new as it has been in use since the 1800s as they were used to weigh dresses down and also give them shape. Have your tailor help you to put the sew weights so that they do not show even when you sit down and prevent them from falling.

brown Skirt

In summary, when you want to look stylish wear your skirt in place for a last-minute date. The different hacks above will help you achieve this, you can keep it in place the whole date or the whole day depending on the activity you have going on. Enjoy wearing skirts every time with no worry about how the day will turn out as they are fun and these hacks will help you keep them in place. Try these hacks among others you may know and keep your skirt from exposing you in public.

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