10 Different Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs That You Can Have!

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Once upon a time, tattoos were thought to symbolize being a rebel; hence, they were worn by bikers, ganglords, and streetfighters. But when we go into the history of tattoos. It is easy to find that the artwork was worn by many native tribes worldwide before it became a fad or started getting misrepresented in popular culture. One such ancient tattoo that has been worn by many, even without knowing the meaning of it, is the Dream catcher tattoo.

It is a sacred and popular tattoo in Native American culture. If you are thinking of having a tattoo and unsure which one to get, why not consider a dream catcher tattoo? There are different varieties and variations to it that you can opt for also, and it is believed to be a protective charm.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of a dream catcher tattoo and offer 10 dream catcher tattoo design ideas that you can consider for yourself.

What Is a Dream Catcher Tattoo?

What Is a Dream Catcher Tattoo

Before we go into the details of a dream catcher tattoo, let’s discuss what a dreamcatcher is and its significance.

A traditional dreamcatcher replicates a spider’s web design, made with a hand out of a willow hoop, and a net is woven into it. The origin of the dreamcatcher can be traced to the Native American culture, which represented protection from evil and evil dreams. In the Native American culture, the dreamcatchers had eagle feathers which were weaved into the hop.

The eagle feathers were a revered totem as the Native Americans believed eagles were spiritual birds closer to the gods. Hence their feathers would protect the wearer or ward the evil off by keeping them near the bed and in the house.

What Is the Symbolism of Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

What Is the Symbolism of Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

A dream catcher tattoo has quite a few components, just like the dreamcatchers the Native Americans made. Each of the elements that make the dreamcatcher has a meaning. Before you opt for even a simple dream catcher tattoo.

1. The Hoop

There is a circle in a dream catcher tattoo, a hoop that keeps the other items woven into the dreamcatcher in its place. The circle represents the sun’s movement across the sky and the cycle of life. Some dreamcatchers have two hoops, one big and one small. In these designs, one of the hoops also represents reincarnation.

Many people who believe in the reincarnation philosophy and want it to be showcased can opt for this meaningful dream catcher tattoo on the thigh.

2. The Web

The web in a dreamcatcher represents the myth of the Spider Woman. The Spider Woman turned all the creatures that the Sun God imagined into living beings. Also, the Spider Woman attached a thread of the spider silk from her to these living beings to give them her protection and wisdom. The Native Americans believed the web caught the bad dreams, filtered them at night, and then disposed of them during the day.

Many martial artists or enthusiasts have thigh dream catcher tattoos, which they view as an emblem of protection and self-defense. The emphasis on the protective element of the web can be linked to the mother-daughter narrative of the Spider Woman.

3. The Feathers

Even a simple dream catcher tattoo will have feathers in it. The symbol represents freedom and strength often associated with eagles, who were believed to be closer to the gods. When thinking of a dream catcher tattoo designs ideas, think about your personality. If you are optimistic, you can add bright colored feathers with some stars and such happy and positive symbols.

On the other hand, if you want a Gothic-themed dreamcatcher tattoo, why not incorporate some dark-steel feathers into the design?

10 Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs Ideas

10 Dream Catcher Tattoo Designs Ideas

Now that you know what a dream catcher is and think they are essential in your life, check out some meaningful dream catcher tattoo on thigh and different body part ideas. These designs, however, are not limited to being done on the thighs only. You can have these tattoos on other parts of the body too.

We will discuss the places where dream catcher tattoos look best and are most often opted for.

1. Simple Dream Catcher Tattoo

Simple Dream Catcher Tattoo

This is one of the most basic dream catcher tattoos. It hangs from a twig and is adorned with soft feathers swaying in the wind. The design has two hoops that are once again connected by feathers and beads. You can opt for the tattoo in black or color.

2. Nature Dream Catcher Tattoo

Nature Dream Catcher Tattoo

If you are a nature lover and want a positive vibe that showcases the earth, sky, and the beauty and serenity of the mother goddess, then you can opt for this intricate, well-defined floral and line dream catcher tattoo. It has a bird flock breaking away from the feathers that can be used as a personal touch.

3. Roses & Dream Catcher

Roses & Dream Catcher

Want to add some vibrancy to the meaningful dreamcatcher tattoo on the thigh? Here is a touch of floral dream catcher tattoo which has a pair of sketched blooming roses with a butterfly. The look is quite mesmeric and elegant. If you want to add to the vibrancy, why not up the quotient by adding two birds on the side?

4. Wolves & Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Wolves & Dreamcatcher Tattoo

If you are looking for some unique dream catcher tattoo design ideas, then here is one for you. A wolf head sketched inside the hoop and the web gives the tattoo a sense of power and mystery. It is also a unique way to combine the two ancient items of the Native Americans, the wolf, and the dream catcher.

5. A Meaningful Dream Catcher Tattoo On Thigh

 A Meaningful Dream Catcher Tattoo On Thigh

Let’s showcase some fun and color with this dreamcatcher design. A fully colored design displayed on the thigh in electric blue feathers with the hoop and weaves in black color exudes not only the beauty of the design but also of the wearer.

6. Dreams of Raven

 Dreams of Raven

The raven, poignant imagery in the Native American culture is seen as dangling the dream catcher across the wind. It is a brilliant art that weaves in an open question about life and where we are heading. It can pose an impressive and captivating narrative in different shades of black.

7. Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo in Water Color

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoo in Water Color

One dream catcher idea that can be pretty capitating is smearing the colors into the piece. Rarely seen is a dream catcher tattoo that showcases the beauty of the watercolor shading is quite spectacular and captivating. Furthermore, the design is quite innovative and, when executed correctly, can offer a unique texture.

8. Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo Design

Dream Catcher Owl Tattoo Design

In the Native American culture, another symbol that has been of importance is the owl. You can combine these two to create a visually exciting tattoo that also gives a rich meaning. The bird is associated with knowledge, wisdom, and the guardian of the deceased. Merging the two means you are representing the worlds from both sides by paying homage to your ancestors.

9. Dream Catcher Tattoo with Name

Dream Catcher Tattoo with Name

Why not honor your loved ones by tattooing their name with the dreamcatcher. It will showcase the meaning of the person in your life and is a unique way to portray your feelings towards them by protecting them from evil and negative spirits.

10. Small Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

Small Heart Dream Catcher Tattoo Design

A creative way to show how much you love the person but maintain subtlety is by getting a heart-shaped small dream catcher tattoo. There are lots of variations you can add to it with the help of your body ink artist. The link will represent the protection you want for them and the love and affection.

Now that you have ten ideas for some dream catcher tattoos let’s go to the next step.

Where To Place Your Dream Catcher Tattoos Designs Ideas?

Though dreamcatchers were believed to have originated from the Chippewa and the Ojibwa tribes of Native Americans, it has come a long way. No longer does it adorn the rooms and the beds of the children. Instead, we have started wearing it on our bodies as tattoos. Some of the familiar places where you can use these dreamcatchers, as mentioned earlier, dream catcher tattoo designs are:

1. Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoos

Thigh Dream Catcher Tattoos

You can easily ink them on your thighs and showcase them to your friends and family when you want to. Having it on the thigh also allows it to cover up and keep it a secret from people with whom you don’t wish to share it.

2. On the Back or Front Torso

On the Back or Front Torso

If you are thinking of having an elaborate dreamcatcher design putting it on the back or front of the torso can be a good idea. It will give the ink artist a vast canvas to work on.

3. On the Shoulder and Arms

On the Shoulder and Arms

Many individuals opt for having the dream catcher tattoos on their arms, biceps, on the should, or as arm sleeves. Once again, it gives the tattoo artist to work on a large area, and you can opt for elaborate and different tattoo designs.

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4. On the Nape or Wrist

On the Nape or Wrist

One of the best areas to have a dream catcher tattoo if you want to have a small one is the nape or on the wrist. It will never be over the top, but you can still pay respect and create positive energy with it.

5. On the Ankle or Feet

On the Ankle or Feet

The other place that is quite sexy to put the tattoo of the dreamcatcher is the ankle or the feet.

Final Words on DreamCatcher Tattoo Design

We know it can be challenging to lock down the right dreamcatcher tattoo design for yourself. But with all these ideas and knowledge, we hope you can find the right option for yourself. Trust us, no matter which dream catcher tattoo design you choose, you can never go wrong with this ancient Native American art.

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