Ways to Customize your Wedding Dress

Customize your Wedding Dress

Wedding seasons are so exciting! But what’s a perfect wedding without the right dress? As the lady of the day, alongside your dreams of a happily-ever-after, you might be worried about how best to customize your wedding dress for a glowing look. For your wedding Lehenga, every detail matters, and if you’ve got your imagination set on a custom Lehenga, go for it!

In this article, we present some easy hacks to transform your wedding Lehenga into the most exceptionally beautiful outfit ever.

1. Pick a Unique Design

This is the first step to customizing your wedding dress into a one-of-a-kind outfit. Instead of just choosing a simple round neck design, playing around with your pullover’s neck areas/sleeve length, you could choose different lehenga designs, sampling them to see which one fits best, and uniquely captures your beauty.

Pick a Unique Design of Wedding Dress

2. Add Personalizations – Such as Your Fairy Tale Story

Now that you have settled on a Lehenga design, you can start personalizing some of the details. For instance, you can carve your initials or wedding hashtag on your Lehenga skirt or shirt! Take the creativity a notch higher by embroidering your wedding date on your Lehenga.

Even better, incorporate your fairy tale story into your dress, or decorate your outfit with those cute love notes your partner gave to you. Why wouldn’t such a bride be the cynosure of all eyes?

3. Incorporate Lovely Latkans

Modify your Lehenga in an amazing way, by embroidering extravagant and special latkans to the drawstring end of your lehenga or pullover tie-ups. This way, your Lehenga can be decorated into multi-folds. There are so many Latkan pieces available – from metal ones, to latkans with soft textures; and you can choose anyone you like for your beautiful Lehenga.

4. Uniquely Sewn Pieces, Outlined with Stunning Borders

Aside from picking a unique neck area or sleeve length for your shirt, consider selecting novel stitches for your Lehenga skirt. Go for scalloped lehenga edgings, borders, unsettles, accumulates, or something as beautiful as lotus petals to create the perfect skirt. Using stunning borders and lace materials to outline your Lehenga, also creates a perfectly polished look.

A woman in a wedding dress sitting on a couch

5. Add a Few Unsettles, Feathers, Ruffles, Fringes, Borders, and More

This deserves to be specially mentioned, because the creative usage of one or more of these can dramatically improve your outfit. Are you the bride who’s full of life and wants to be the cynosure of all eyes? Achieve this by incorporating a delicate blend of hides, feathers and ruffles into your dress. On the other hand, if you want to look classy yet simple, add fringes to the end of your dress and still achieve a bedazzling look.

Another fabulous idea is to decorate the neck area of your shirt with hides and plumes, or level up your Lehenga with adorned embellishments on the shoulder.

What about getting your Lehenga tweaked with embellishments or weavings that best suit your style? It very well may be anything – from 3D string work, laser-cut acrylics, sequins, to Gotta Patti work.

6. Accessorize

Accessories can make or break an outfit. So, depending on what embellishments you’ve already chosen to redecorate your wedding Lehenga with, carefully select matching accessories e.g. sequins, shimmery deets, etc. Your goal, while accessorizing, should be a flawless finish.


We’re sure you’re very eager to be the ever-dazzling, classy bride; whom all the guests can’t stop staring at. With the tips shared above, we are confident that you’ll be able to customize your Lehenga to give you the fairy tale wedding dress you’ve always wanted!

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