Fashion 101: What Are the Differences Between Boho and Hippie Clothing?

Boho and Hippie

Fashion is always evolving. While some styles are just fads that disappear as quickly as they arrive on the scene, other fashion trends make a statement that lingers on the mind long after the fashion world has moved onto something else.

The above process is the result of fast fashion. The trends in this category of fashion statement are indeed pleasing to eyes but for a specific time period. As soon as you see a new design in the market, you will forget the previous one. You might not be knowing, but fast fashion affects you very negatively.

However there are few designs that are timeless, boho and hippie are one of them. It’s these styles that reemerge again and again.

Boho and hippie clothing fit into this category, but unlike what many people think, there is a difference between the two fashion trends.

Hippie and Boho Fashions Are Not the Same

To understand the differences between boho and hippie fashion styles, compare the origin of the two looks. The hippie look was born during a time when rebelling against the establishment was a thing. Fashion was a way to make a statement, and hippie attire did just that.

The style was unisex and incorporated symbolic elements that represented peace, unity, and harmony. It remains popular today, and it’s surprisingly easy to shop for hippie clothes at online specialty stores, thrift shops, vintage stores, or even at garage sales.

The boho look also became popular when free-spirited souls wanted to break away from tradition. However, unlike its counterpart, boho fashion wasn’t politically motivated. It has an aesthetic origin that supports femininity. Soft flowing fabrics and fashion awareness give this design a more put-together look and are anything but the mix and match scheme that the hippie style embraces.

Blending the Hippie Style Into a Modern Wardrobe

Blending the Hippie Style Into a Modern Wardrobe

Maybe you grew up during the 1960s and 1970s, or perhaps you’re just a fan of the clothes that defined these years. Chances are, hippie clothing is still hanging somewhere in the closet, just waiting for the right occasion to make another appearance. Blend a bit of it into the current fashion trend by adding a few essential elements.

For example, try adding an updated version of a tie-dye shirt, wear a pashmina or shawl, or put on some wide leg patchwork pants instead of the standard mono-toned slacks that everyone else is wearing. To complete the look, throw on a long colorful beaded necklace or multiple strands for a powerful statement.

Perhaps the bright-colored clothes, wide-leg jeans, sandals, flower headpieces, and beaded necklaces bring back happy memories. After all, it was a time of rejecting traditional ways and daring to stand out as an individual. Unisex attire made its appearance and has remained a constant over the years.

The expectation of wearing a dress is no longer a requirement in the workplace. Conformity is a thing of the past. Being unique and standing out has taken its place and is here to stay.

Boho Will Always Be Chic

Boho Will Always Be Chic

The era that inspired the hippie look also brought about the boho style. A woman felt empowered in choosing clothes that fashionably stressed femininity. Boho is still popular today, especially with the businesswoman. Natural fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and organza, and staple pieces are fundamental elements of this way of dressing. The modern-day boho-chic trend embraces artistic expression while blending vintage origins with newer fabrics and prints.

The Boho and Hippie Look Will Live On

While being distinctively different in looks, boho and hippie clothes do share some common ground. Both of these fashion trends became popular during the same era. They both stress individuality, promote being unique, and empower the person wearing them. Boho and hippie clothes will always appeal to those who appreciate the meaning behind these trendsetting fashion styles.


With all the confusion in mind, you might have mixed up the boho and hippie fashion style. However, with all the information about the difference between them, now you are ready to move ahead with the slaying style that will define your personality.

If you are spiritual enough or want to portray something that is more on the empowered side, then go for boho fashion styling. However, if you are the rebel type then hippie is your fashion style.

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