6 Different Types Of Bob Hairstyles 2019

bob hairstyles 2019

‘Chop, chop, chop, chop it off’, a phrase that your mind is continuously chanting, right? Happens, especially when you see everyone around you in shorter hairs even your favorite celebrity has chopped her hair. What are you waiting for then, go chop them off? We know, what is the thought that is stopping you from doing so, Worrying about whether it will suit you or not? Which type of bob hairstyle should you go for? One decision and many questions. This is very normal, but answers are still needed!

So just for you, we have come up with the different types of Bob Hairstyles 2019. We have also included short bob hairstyles to follow. So without holding up much of your time, we will directly move to the types of bob hairstyles.

Long Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: style-studio.com.au

If you want to be at a safer side, go for a long bob. They play the most decisive role rather than short bob hairstyles 2019. If you have a round face then you should definitely prefer lobs (another name of long bob!), it will make your face look slimmer and will give you a pleasing appearance. There are many types of lob hairstyles to follow, like with bangs, curly, straight, laid back, layered, etc. 

Choppy Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: premierwoodworksllc.com

Choppy bob will give you a  beachy or freestyle look which you can slay either on the beach or in college or outings. But nowadays they have entered into a professional world too and are doing exceptionally great. So the conclusion is choppy bobs are the contemporary ones that are an all-rounder. Basically, choppy bobs are short bob with lots of textures and layers.

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Blunt Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: superhitideas.com

Blunt bob is from the collection of celebrity bob hairstyles 2019, still, want to avoid it? This is an ideal cut that goes no every face shape. Blunt bob emits the aura of charm. How are they? Blunt bob is the one with an asymmetrical shape, straight-forward cut and with minimal layering that will end near to your chin.

Layered Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: profee.me

Layers are the evergreen hairstyle that is beautiful and classic.  Layered bob also suits on every face type, especially one having much of volume hair. Layers tend to lessen the volume of hair and allow them to move freely. In addition to that, bob layered gives you a perfect party as well as a professional look. Layered bob can be of three types short, medium, or long.

Shaggy Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: clichemag.com

It is better to have a messy hairstyle rather than having a messy lifestyle (wink!). Shaggy Bob is the messy version of bob haircut. Just like layered bob, shaggy bob can also decrease the density and volume of hair but in a messy look. FYI, messy is the new classy. Straight hair has their own charm but texturized, edgier, and shaggier hair are more attractive.

Inverted Bob

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: craft-o-maniac.com

Want to go for more of a dramatic look? But are you sure you are brave enough to pull out this inverted bob hairstyle that is madly in trend nowadays? If yes, then you should totally go for this, nothing is more trendy and stylish than graduated bob (again another name!). They are long at the front and shorter at the back with stacked layers, and because of this, they may appear curved from the back.

bob hairstyles 2019

Source: lorealparisusa.com

These were the different types of bob hairstyles that you should definitely go for. For more ideas related to fashion, visit Fashionterest.

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