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I know why you are here. Did StockX’s huge prices shock you? Well, you are not the only one. There is only one thing I hate about resale markets: these guys play with sneakerheads’ emotions. Many of us turn towards rep shoes to get what we want at cheaper prices. And nobody wants to get wrong here.

Everyone must know what quality they are buying or whether these shoes will reach or not. I know there are many replica shoes websites out there but only few of them deserve to be reviewed. Today I will review Stockxkicks, Hypeunique,Eeverything reps & Crossreps.

For those of you in a hurry, here are the key highlights:

Key takeaways:

  • If you prioritize maximum 1:1 quality and shipping insurance, I recommend Crossreps.com.
  • If you prioritize cheaper prices and shipping insurance, I recommend Stockxkicks.com.
  • For standard quality and fast customer service, I recommend Hypeunique.is.
  • If you can’t find your favorite pairs, search no other than everythingreps.org. They have literally everything on their website.
  • You can buy from any of these websites. Every website has its own pros and cons. We will discuss more about them below.

What Is Customs Insurance on Rep Shoes?

As we all know, selling replica shoes has complications. When your shoes reach the destination country, they are usually checked by customs officers, and if they doubt them to be counterfeit goods, they may seize them. It means your shoe won’t reach you now.

Your money is gone!

So, it’s essential to know whether the supplier provides you with shipping insurance. What shipping insurance does is that it re-ships your shoe once again without charging you money. It is incredible, isn’t it?

I would praise Crossreps for taking this step and many of them follow their footsteps. Many other sellers also provide shipping insurance, provided that they charge half of the amount or a partial refund on customs seizure. The shipping insurance is also available in Stockxkicks, but whether they cover the total or partial amount is still unknown.

On the other hand, Hypeunique does provide insurance on some of its shoes. The last website is everythingreps that provides insurance with small fees.

Crossreps vs. StockX vs Hypeunique vs Everythingreps Review: Which one is legit?

Views on Crossreps:

Cross reps Replica shoes websites

Crossreps is 100% legit; you don’t need to worry about your shoe status. If you’ve ordered on their website, you know it’s coming. As far as crossreps is concerned, I’ve bought Jordan 1 reps Travis Scott High from them on my friend’s recommendation.

My friend is a sneakerhead, and I was recommended after hearing a lot from his side. I was surprised by the quality. The color of Travis Scott High is very complex, it’s very difficult to replicate color of such standard. If you see the original images, the brownish color turns light or dark gray, when you slip your finger through it.

Everything was up to the expectation, and I would surely buy from them again.

The fact that it’s also featured in some notable influencers worldwide increases its credibility.

Apart from that, the shipment fees are low. At the time of writing, it’s $18, and that’s fair. So, if you want to test one shoe and return for another after knowing the quality, you see the shipment cost won’t be too high on your wallet.

One last thing I’ve heard on Reddit is that their factory is in Putian, where the highest quality shoes are manufactured and supplied worldwide. If you’ve tried them, do share them with me. I may be able to cover your shoes or views as well.

Views on Stockxkicks:

Stockxkicks Replica shoes websites

Not everybody wants the best quality, and sometimes, the kids force you to buy expensive shoes.

If you are a parent looking for cheaper shoes for your kids, look no other website than stockxkicks. They are not a scam, and only the reviews tell you that they are legit.

And the quality is not bad as well. Well, it’s common sense; if you are getting something very cheap or buying 1 + getting 1 free, you are not getting 1:1 quality. There are generally four qualities of shoes made, which I will discuss below.

But, you’ve got to admire their marketing strategy, they are good at selling and giving discounts. If I were to name Stockxkicks some other name, I would choose Discountkicks.

For example, you get 10% off on joining Discord, another 5% off on contacting Whatsapp, and the list continues.

The shipping insurance is $25-$29 at the time of writing. It’s a standard shipment rate.

Views on Hypeunique:

Hype unique Replica shoes websites

Hypeunique is a legitimate website with many reviews on Trustpilot and other forums. It is one of the oldest websites that has maintained its reputation throughout the years. The best thing about hypeunique is their insane customer support. They are fast and to the point.

They deliver standard quality shoes for most of their products. Also, they have done a great job with branding.

Using your logo in every product is itself a sign of credibility.

The shoe rate is fair according to the quality and service they provide. They have custom insurance, and sometimes, it’s not on their website. Always make sure to check the current status of these facilities before buying.

The shipping rate is standard, just like some of their websites. It’s almost $25-$35.

Aside from many positive things, there have been reports of rude after-sales customer service and related issues.

You can read more about their reviews on Trustpilot or look at Quora.

Views on Everything Reps:

Everything Reps Replica shoes websites

Everything reps have a massive collection of products. They don’t just sell shoes; you can find purses, clothing, accessories, and many other luxury brands. The only disappointment is their huge prices and slow customer service.

Everything reps reviews are not bad, but they can significantly improve by reducing the rate and upgrading the quality.

Of course, I’m not saying this quality is terrible; it’s standard. But, as far as pricing is concerned, they need to upgrade according to that.

Custom insurance is generally included with some extra charges, which will appear on the checkout page.

How Many Qualities Are There in Replica Shoes in China?

Generally speaking, five quality rep shoes are manufactured in China. Let’s discuss each one of them.

Highest 1:1: Everyone claims that they fall in this category, but it’s not true. This category is where top-tier material and skilled artisans use machines to create the highest quality level that looks 1:1. They don’t only look, but you would also feel the vibe. One more thing is that they don’t smell like shit. 

👉 Crossreps belong to this category.

Standard quality: This category also has high-quality shoes that look original. But, with some attention, a sneakerhead can identify minor problems. They suit an average workplace, but intense activity may tear them apart in a few weeks. The smell is not bad as well. 

👉 Everythingreps and Hypeunique belong to this category.

Medium Quality: This category can be easily identified because of the grade of the material used. For example, if you’ve worn the original Jordan Spider-Man for a few weeks, and somebody gives you a medium-quality spider man model, you would know this immediately. You don’t need to be a sneakerhead or an expert to identify the minor changes. 

👉 Stockxkicks belong to this category.

Low-quality: This category can be easily identified even if you have never worn that model. The cushion and material resilience are zero. If you push the shoe toe with your thumb, it won’t come back.

It will look punctured unless you push it again to the original position. You can gift this quality to your friend with a straight face and see their funny reaction. This is all I can think of.

Important Note for All Readers:

We live in the 21st century, and branding is a story of the past. Anybody can use images on their website and claim they own the quality. This is not true, and it is where many people get scammed or not getting the quality they paid for.

I always recommend further reviews or verifying their legitimacy or quality claims.

Which Replica Shoes Websites is the Most Legit? My Review:

Since everyone has their preferences, listing one name is difficult. But, if I were to choose one name overall, that would be Crossreps.com.

The reason is simple! 1:1 quality and trust. I personally know them from my friend who has been buying from them for a long time, and my recent experience with Jordan Travis Scott. Stockxkicks and Hypeunique can also be good options for people who are low on budget and want a good-looking pair.

In the end, it all depends on what you need.

What is the Future of Replica Sneakers?

From what we see today, the demand for replica sneakers shows no signs of slowing down. Why? Because the resale market is going up. Where people buy bulk shoes at retail price, only to sell them at a higher cost at a later point. It has caused sneaker lovers to find other means to wear those shoes, hence the rise of the rep industry.

I know selling fake shoes is not ethical, but there must also be some balance in the resale market. People are selling few-dollar shoes for thousands of dollars. An example is Jordan 4 retro off-white sail, which was initially released for $200, is now selling at more than $1,000 on StockX.

The internet has played a significant role in connecting sneaker lovers globally. Online communities and forums provide a platform for individuals to share their experiences, reviews, and recommendations. This online connection builds trust, making it easier for consumers to rep shoes.

As we look forward to the future, it’s clear that rep sneaker markets will stay alive since thousands of people are finding them.


Finding the right replica shoes websites is all about your priorities and budget. Crossreps.com has top-tier quality and the most professional after-sales team. Stockxkicks and Hypeunique offer cheaper options based on your needs. Hype unique also provides a balance of quality and service. Everything reps offers an extensive collection beyond shoes but at higher prices with slower customer service.

Understanding various quality tiers is essential. Verify claims, seek reviews, and don’t get scammed!

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