5 Best Apple Watch Bands for 2024

Apple Watch Bands

Make your apple watch bands your style statement and every occasion asset!

Apple in the last decades has launched highly technology-driven and superior quality products to become part of our day-to-day life. With this objective, in 2015 Apple launched the Apple Watch.

In the early years of its launch, the Apple Watch band choices were very limited and you could not mix technology with fashion. But later they  launched their apple watch straps suitable for your hard training sessions to your formal office wears.

With this launch, there started the third-party apple watch bands revolution and now we have a plethora of options enough to confuse you about which one to pick for classy office wear, or for a swimming session, or to match your style statement.

There were two sizes for the Apple Watch available originally, 38mm (small) and 42mm (large), however, with the Apple Watch Series 4 and above the sizes became 40mm and 44mm respectively.

But the bands can fit all the sizes since the connector casings are the same for all models launched to date. So, no need to worry even if you have the older versions of the Apple Watch and want to upgrade your Watch strap.

Firstly, make sure that the apple watch band length fits your wrist size, and then for sure check out the watch strap ends colour, it should match your apple watch dial colour.

Now you are ready to choose the right one

-After using the bands for a longer time, we have shortlisted the 5 best Apple watch bands for this year from Apple’s own list and from trusted third-party manufacturers which are more economical than Apple itself but demonstrate high-end quality characteristics.

We have tested these bands for their durability, looks, fit and finish and more importantly their availability.

1. Apple Sport Loop (Nylon)

Apple Sport Loop

Apple sport loop (nylon) is woven with double-layer nylon weaves, which provides soft touch on the skin and comfortable wearing due to its moisture escaping technology.

The versatility of using it on any size or model with a varied range of fits and ready for every activity whether gym, swimming or evening leisure makes this band the best choice.

Available sizes : 38,40,42,44mm

Available colours:  8 – sunflower, sea salt, abyss, olive, plum, dee-navy, charcoal and product red.

2. Watch Strap Co Nautilus

Watch Strap Co Nautilus

I am sure, in the first look, Watch Strap Co Nautilus gave you the illusion of leather material. But wait! It’s divers-grade silicone, which gives it extra toughness and super softness.

Being a divers-grade it can withstand the hard training sessions you go with. Along with it, its cotton stitching at the corners of the strap and high mirror-finished stainless steel buckle, makes this band a go for all occasions. This band is the answer to all your questions.

Available sizes : 38,40,42,44mm

Available colours: 5 – black, grey, blue, silver, rose gold

3. Apple Solo Loop

Apple Solo Loop

Apple Solo Loop is the most comfortable, soft and durable Apple Watch band. This band is made up of liquid silicone and treated with UV, which gives it an extra edge in softness.

It’s easy to wear and has no buckles, clasps. Also, this band is sweat proof and due to its seamless design, it can be worn on any sports and adventure session as it could not go away easily from your hand.

The only hurdle in the early days was size selection for a perfect fit on your wrist, but now Apple has solved this problem with their printable tool guide, which gives the most accurate size for your band selection.

Available sizes: 40, 44mm

Available colours: 13 – white, deep-navy, plum…….and the list goes on.

4. Watch Strap Co Fury

Watch Strap Co Fury

This band made by WsC® is a unique collection that makes you outstanding from the crowd. An excellent fusion of technology and classic design made from 316L stainless steel, this metal strap has hidden clasps for fastening which makes it to long last.

Moreover, this is the answer to those who say Apple watch is not a formal or party wear accessory. This strap is highly recommended and you must have it in your Apple Watch band collection.

Available size : 38,40,42,44 mm

Available colours (styles): 4 – silver, silver & rose gold, black and gold.

5. Nomad Rugged Strap

Nomad Rugged Strap

Nomad Rugged strap is chunky and stylish. This strap gives you a heavy feel on your wrist, but that’s not a problem because it’s not as heavy as metal straps and this weight is just enough to make you will feel its toughness and strength.

This band is made up of FKM, a high-performance fluoroelastomer with under the strap grooves and flexibility that gives it a snug fit around your wrist, moreover, under grooves provide moisture escape and air routes so that you can wear it all day long.

Adding to its strength is stainless steel buckles and lugs. For sports lovers it a perfect choice.

Available size; 38,40,42,44 mm

Available colours: Black

Final verdict: Apple Watch Band 

Apple’s own bands are made up of high quality and superior craftsmanship, also they are the most expensive ones here. Nomad bands are also the real competitor for durability and price. The Watch Strap Co has come out with the fusion of quality and affordability, their exceptionally high quality and pocket-friendliness make them the best choice among all.

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