T-Shirt: That Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe


T-shirts continue to be a trendsetter that will never go out of style. They fit in every wardrobe and can be any outfit’s focal point or background. Whether plain or creative, your wardrobe choice can always do with a few more t-shirts.

Wearing a T-Shirt Correctly

Wearing a T-Shirt Correctly

There are plenty of common-sense ways to wear a t-shirt. But no one ever tells you the secret ways to go from an everyday look to excellent. It’s all about the details, and there will always be something extra you can do to bring out the best.

Preparation is the first key to wearing a t-shirt properly. Throwing on a wrinkled t-shirt in hopes it will work itself out later is not a good idea.

A wrinkled t-shirt is an eyesore that is hard to ignore, even if the rest of your outfit pops. Fold your shirt correctly to get rid of unsightly wrinkles and bulges.

Over time, mishandling a t-shirt will cause permanent visual damage that is impossible to fix. A prepared t-shirt lasts longer and will quickly become your favorite item.

Did you know that t-shirts can be tailored? You can’t wear something correctly if it doesn’t fit well with your body. customizing a t-shirt is cheap and efficient. Sometimes the original sizes just don’t work well with a body, so there is nothing wrong with finding an outside solution.

Consumers that get their t-shirts tailored enjoy a great fit, which will lead to a longer life for their favorite piece of clothing. With preparation and a good tailor, your t-shirts will always be worn correctly.

Finding The Best Value for a T-Shirt

Finding The Best Value for a T-Shirt

The word value is often misinterpreted as meaning cheap. T-shirts available at a great price are not cheap and have a lot to offer the wearer. You’ll always get a good value with Wordans T-shirts, but here are a few tips to take it to the next level.

Buying in bulk is a fantastic idea if you like the brand. Bulk t-shirts come in different colors and some cases, different designs.

Buying a pack sets your wardrobe up for success as there will be several shirts that match with multiple pants.

There is also the other side where you purchase a bulk set of identical t-shirts. When one shirt is dirty or damaged, you can simply cycle to the next without breaking the look you were going for. Buying bulk is convenient, so the value depends entirely on personal usage.

Winter is a great time to get low prices on out-of-season t-shirts. You can stock up with your favorite items at incredible prices.

Buying out of season also has the advantage of giving you a second shot at previously out-of-stock items.

This method works the same for themed t-shirts based around certain parts of the year (but not limited to quantity). Purchase smart, and every t-shirt in your closet will be of exceptional value.

Making The Right T-Shirt Choice

Making The Right T-Shirt Choice

You can choose the right t-shirt by factoring in multiple things about your style and occasion. Sometimes it comes down to color coordination, and other times it is all about the size. Make the right t-shirt choice by exploring all available options in your closet.

Every body type is different, so what t-shirt you wear will either compliment or take away from an outfit. A triangle body type can make the wrong pair of pants look unflattering.

An oval body type can make a skirt stand out in the wrong way. Examining and matching up the bottom portion of your outfit with the fitting t-shirt allows you to avoid uncomfortable fashion issues.

There is a long-running argument centered around crew neck versus V-neck t-shirts. There are benefits to each, and they each have a place. Crew necks draw less attention to your chest while exposing less of your neck.

V-necks are great if you want to show off more skin and do an excellent job of balancing out the look of wearers with a short neck.

It isn’t uncommon to see a closet with both types, or their many additional subtypes. Pick the one that works best for your body, outfit variation, and value.

Fabric matters and can be the main factor in what makes a t-shirt comfortable. Look for breathable fabrics for comfort and specialty fabrics for utility.

For example, Pima resists spills and fading, while linen is known for its durability. Even if you have a favorite type of fabric, it never hurts to have an alternative of a different type.

Current Trends of t-shirt

T-shirt trends are varied to the point that even trendsetters have a hard time keeping up! This is a good thing as it shows how the popularity of t-shirts will never fade. While some of the current trends are older trends rebooted, there are a few new ones that deserve some attention.

The retro trend is back and better than ever. Any fan of That 70’s Show is already familiar with the look, ranging from tie-dye colors to bold statements and phrases. It’s all about peace and love with large, unmistakably retro text.

Funny t-shirt designs that cause a doubletake are significant for all ages. These are more tongue-in-cheek, so they can be worn in selective places. T-shirts sold in pairs that complete an image or phrase are the most popular in the doubletake category.

The DIY trend blew up a few years ago to make plain white t-shirts the perfect canvas. But current trends are showing that wearers are buying non-white t-shirts and adding their designs.

You don’t need to be a fashion expert to see the potential of this trend. Many fun creations can be made without the limitation of starting from scratch.

The Choice Is Yours

Choice of t-shirt

Everyone loves t-shirts, and for a good reason. It’s easy to find one that works for your design aspirations. There is no wrong choice, so the longevity of the look is all up to your tastes.

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