How To Choose Sunglasses For Water Sports

Sunglasses For Water Sports

The importance of polarization cannot be over-emphasized, as polarized lenses gut out almost all glare, of which there is a lot on sunny days with water reflection, so make sure that you buy sunglasses with polarized lenses. The lenses are far more effective at cutting out glare than unpolarized units, and with water sports, you need that anti-flare protection.

Lens Category

There are four sunglass lens categories (0-4), with numbers 3 and 4 offering the best UV ray protection, so either 3 or 4 is recommended for water sports, as they will remove almost all of the glare. Avoid sunglasses that are not polarized, as they are simply not suitable for water sports, and you do need to remove that constant glare caused by reflection on the water surface.

Lens Category Sunglasses

Wrap Around Design

Rather than looking at regular frames, you are advised to choose a wrap-around design that hugs the facial features and protects fully against UV. Look for strong and durable plastic frames, ones that can withstand being thrown around, with a high degree of flexibility. If you check online, you will find designer polarized sunglasses that tick all the boxes for water sports. Ordering online is easy, and with a lower than retail price, you can order a spare pair.


Despite taking the very best care of sunglasses, they always seem to end up with scratched lenses. One of the arms often breaks off, and we all know about losing a hinge screw! There are movement designer sunglasses that are actually built to last and they have to endure an awful lot of punishment before they are sold to the public. Just how tough are these sunnies? Well, people have made short film clips of themselves or friends trying to destroy such a pair of sunglasses, without much success. If you buy a pair, you can expect them to last you for many years.

Durability of Sunglasses For Water Sports

Styles And Design

Designed by professionals for professionals, state of the art movement sunglasses come in a wide range of colors and designs, so there are bound to be a few pairs that fit right in with your look. If you want a higher level of security, use the elasticated accessories that ensure the glasses do not fall off, even when windsurfing or sailing.

Symbols Of Quality

The ‘CE’ mark or ‘EN 1836: 1997’ also ensure top quality, so do look for these marks on the frames, which are symbols of a specific quality. When purchasing online, the items with these standards would have that information in product description.

Online Designer Sunglasses

Online Designer Sunglasses

There’s a lot to learn about polarized sunglasses. You can find informative articles online that outline the many benefits of polarized sunglasses, which are must-reads for any doubters.

Forget going to a high-end opticians in a shopping mall, as the very best designer sunglasses can be found online, and what’s more, they don’t cost an arm and a leg, so you can order a few pairs. Simply fill up your shopping cart, proceed to checkout and after a secure online payment, your new sunglasses will be delivered to your door.

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