Nailing Your Interview: How Do You Find the Best Watch for The Occasion?

Best Watch

If you have an interview coming up, you’re probably scrambling to find ways to nail it. There are many things you could do, but dressing well is a priority. The best way to elevate your look is by wearing a quality watch. Before you put on just any timepiece, check out our tips. We’ve discussed everything you should consider when wearing a watch for your interview.

An Automatic Timepiece

Automatic Watch

You should look for an automatic watch. The timepieces aren’t bold, yet they’re eye-catching. They don’t work with batteries but kinetic energy. Every time you move, their gears would as well. This is why they have exposed fronts, letting you peek into everything in motion.

Having one on your wrist would tell your interviewer that you want to look your best. After all, you’re wearing a stunning accessory.

Many people think automatic watches are expensive. This is far from the truth. You’ll find many for under $200.

Muted Colours

Muted Colors Watch

You need to look as sophisticated as possible. This isn’t hard to do if you tweak your colour palette. Not only should your outfit not have bold colours, but your watch shouldn’t either.

Your watch is what ties everything up. If it’s a bright yellow while your suit is a faded brown, you’ll look be a sight for sore eyes. You’ll also make it hard for your interviewer to take you seriously. First impressions count, which would be a shame if you have a competitive resume.

If your watch has a bright strap, no need to worry. You’ll likely be able to swap it. This might be harder to do if it’s a steel bracelet. Watches that let you swap their straps, most of the time, come with additional straps in the box.

An Expensive Watch

An Expensive Watch

Truth be told, expensive watches work as good as cheaper ones. Their price is due to the name you’re purchasing from. This is true of many things, not just watches. Expensive cars cost so much because of the name behind them.

If you head to your interview with an Omega or Grand Seiko, your interviewer will know that you’re all business. You’d also look like a million bucks, which would be someone they want to hire. Even if they don’t recognize the brand, they will know that your watch is expensive.

Timepieces that are on the pricier side are very ornate. Our personal favourite is the Carl F Bucherer. Wrist Watch Pro has a great piece about the brand.

If you’re looking for a detailed watch but don’t want to spend a lot, you can still do this. Names like Bulova offer great pieces.

A Leather Watch

A Leather Watch

Whatever you do, get hold of a leather timepiece. Leather screams luxury. What’s best about it is that there are cheap watches that have leather in place. If your watch doesn’t have a leather strap, you can just swap it in.

Not only will the material elevate your look, but it’ll make you look stylish. Leather is a material that can easily get dirty. People know this, which is why it in pristine condition is a sign of a person that takes good care of themselves.

A Smart Watch

A Smart Watch

You could completely avoid an analog piece and go for a smart one. Due to their many features, they make life easier. They’re favourites among busy people.

When wearing an Apple Watch on your wrist, your interviewer would know that you’re about the hustle. Just like with their analog counterparts, be wary of the strap you’re wearing. You want something that’s muted.


A huge part of nailing your interview is dressing well. Although you may have the qualifications, first impressions do matter. You won’t impress your interviewer if you dress poorly. Watches wrap outfits up. They can easily elevate a look. By choosing the right timepiece, you’ll be dressed to impress.

You should also choose a muted watch. It’ll look professional and not in-your-face. If it’s bright, it’ll be a sight for sore eyes. You should also go for an automatic timepiece. They’re the most intricate, which would show off your fashion sense.

If you want to make a very good impression, go to the office wearing an expensive watch. Everyone knows names like Omega and Rolex, and this will turn heads.

You could avoid analog watches as a whole, and go for a smart one. Smartwatches make life easier, and would show your interviewer that you’re someone who goes places.

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