How to Style Floral Shirt? – Men’s Styling Guide

Men's Floral Shirts

Men’s Floral Shirts came to existence after the Hawaiian print came in trend in the ’80s. Floral prints were once considered as middle-aged people print or feminine print. Those were bad old days; nowadays, floral prints have taken over the charge of being stylish and trendy.

Though the Floral Shirt can really be tricky in the sense of styling, it is one of the trendiest print right now in the town. Either you will be able to pull out the best way of styling or get ready to Look a Tacky Tourist. You wouldn’t want to experience the latter scenario when headed to the office or market.

You want to be stylish and trendy, but at the same time, you also want to play safely without any experiments or risk with fashion styling. And this is the phase where we come in to help you out.

Below mentioned are the ways to style your floral shirt to look fresh and classic both at a time:-

Executive Formals

Men's Formal Floral Shirts

Don’t get shocked by reading the above sentence. Yeah! That’s true you can wear floral prints to your office meetings. Proper styling and accessories will help you in pulling out the perfect executive formal. Pair your floral print shirt with the blue or black trousers and blazers. A stainless steel watch and formal shoes are the ideals that go with them. Here are some ideas for How to Dress Down In A Formal Event.


Men's Semi-Formals Floral Shirts

They are the best form of the shirt for semi-formal styling. Checkered and plain shirts are so common, go with flower print and try something unusual and show off your best styling ways. Tailored pants with a floral print shirt and outgoing and colorful sneakers will help you in getting a distinctive semi-formal look.

Funky and Floral

Men's Funky and Floral Shirts

Funky jeans have almost replaced the plain jeans from casual wear section, especially among youth. Do you know what can be the deadliest combination? The Combination of Two Trendy Things. Funky and floral. Funky jeans with a floral print shirt and a pair of sports shoes or sneakers will be best as your travel outfit.

Beach Wear

The floral print can also be considered as a Hawaiian print, and why were Hawaiian prints introduced? For beach vacations. So don’t forget to pair florals with shorts for a fashionable vacation. These are Hawaiian Shirts for Men.

  • Sheer Floral
Men's Beach Wear Sheer Floral Shirts

Sheer florals are also a good option for a beach look. Pair them with ripped shorts and add flip-flops to complete the look.

  • Co-Ord
Men's Co-Ord Floral Shirts

Why should women have all the best designs? Co-Ords are famous among the men wear too, especially in beach outfits. When buying a floral shirt, get your hands on a pair of shorts also.

  • Cotton Shorts
Men's Cotton Shorts With Floral Shirts

The most common and safest way to style floral print shirts is by wearing them over a plain shirt with buttons open. Pair it with the cotton shorts and slip-on. You can wear them to the beaches as well as a casual outing with your friends.

Different types of Men's Floral Shirts

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