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IWC Big Pilot watches

The International Watch Company was founded by American Schaffhausen, who spoke German in eastern Switzerland in the mid-1880s. Despite the industrial revolution, the Swiss watch industry is still an isolated job done mainly in the country. Jones has a clear American vision for the electric meter factory. After building a hydropower station in the area, the IWC headquarters quickly grew into one of the most productive watch factories in the world, filling military and commercial orders with huge profits during World War II. The IWC Big Pilot at Watches of Mayfair is one of the most popular IWC Big Pilot watches.

However, these iconic watches are not cheap and cost tens of thousands of dollars. I wish I had one watch with similar specifications.

More affordable designs are brands; in this article, you will learn more about some models similar to IWC Big Pilot, but before we start, let’s take a look at some of the main features of IWC Big Pilot watches.

Modern Flieger Watch

Modern Flieger Watch

The war has long ended, but people’s interest in pilot watches still exists, so in 2002, IWC Big Pilot at Watches of Mayfair release a new and improve version of the watches that pilots use to wear. This watch has roughly the same design as a vintage watch, but as mentioned above.

At the top, they made some small changes to keep up—one of the changes in its size. In the past, the pilot period had to be very long. To be precise, some watches are more significant than 50 mm. It used to be useful, but now it is exaggerated. IWC made a good compromise and design the new IWC Big Pilot watch to be spacious and comfortable.

IWC Big Pilot

IWC Big Pilot watches

Given the success of the latest Spitfire series (also 41mm but made of bronze), it is safe to say that this watch will be popular with IWC fans for a long time to come. Compare with bronze, stainless steel is more attractive, and the size of 41 mm is suitable for almost everyone.

IWC also improves performance by adding 100m waterproof and quick-change system. The IWC patent allows you to change different bracelets and bracelets without the need for watchmaking tools.

What Is the Best Watch for IWC Pilots?

IWC is famous for its various pilot watches. IWC Big Pilot at Watches of Mayfair refers to it as the “watch family” and consists of multiple series. In this series, you will find watches suitable for pilots, aviation enthusiasts, etc.

You can find some of the most popular ones below, but before we look at these, let’s take a look at the different series of this series and explain the differences between them.

30,000 G Experiment

30,000 G Experiment IWC Big Pilot watches

The XPL shock absorber on Big Pilot’s Watch was developed by our newly established IWC experiment department, which aims to push the boundaries of technology. The patented SPRIN-g PROTECT system makes the impossible possible.

According to the impact test results conducted by the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, the protection mechanism withstands extreme shocks. The ability to protect itself from extreme shocks improves the shock resistance to level. The new level is over acceleration of 30,000 g.


It is safe to say that IWC has been on the rise since Watches & Wonders. Although it is surprising that IWC did not launch a 41mm black dial pilot chronograph, the brand made up for this by introducing a stylish 41mm bronze pilot chronograph with a black dial in April.

It is now equippied with an ultra-light titanium case with an AMG-style carbon fiber dial. As a canvas for experimenting with new materials, new internal movements and strong associations (such as Mr. Porter and Formula One).

However, I really hope that IWC will do something similar for the engineer’s AMG version, using the titanium case designed by Genta since the early 2000s.

Some of the Best IWC Watches:

Pilot Watches

IWC divides its pilot watches into five different categories: Classic, Top Gun, Spitfire, Antoine De Saint-Expuéry, and Le Petit Prince. In each category, you will find many similar watches. The main difference lies in the color of the dial and the material of the case. All in all, the IWC pilot’s watch is broken like this:

  •         Classic: steel case, sometimes titanium case
  •         Spitfire: mainly bronze, but also steel
  •         Top Gun: ceramic case

Mark XVIII Pilot Watch

Mark XVIII IWC Big Pilot watches

Beginning with the now widely circulate Mark XI, the IWC recreates its most straightforward pilot watch, which is the most popular among fans. Nerd, but this enthusiasm shows the appeal of the Mark series of pilot watches.

  • Diameter: 40 mm

Pilot’s Watch Chronograph

The IWC Big Pilot at Watches of Mayfair slightly more prominent, with day and date complications and three powerful timing functions, this watch is an integral part of the original IWC watch.

  • Diameter: 43 mm

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