A Guide to Wearing Men’s Sneakers

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If you haven’t noticed yet, your sneakers can be worn to a much wider variety of settings than just the gym or a sports field. In fact, sneakers work perfectly well for almost any occasion. However, you need to know how to properly match them with your outfits, creating a classy yet casual attire that fits a work meeting just as well as it fits having a drink with friends in a bar.

Fundamental Rules of Wearing Sneakers

Whether you choose low top sneakers, high top sneakers, or any other type of sneakers, you need to remember these basic principles in order to stay classy. First of all, when buying sneakers, always keep in mind the rest of your wardrobe. Even the most stunning pair of sneakers won’t look good without something to match them. Don’t just jump on the hype train and buy every pair of trendy shoes – think of your own outfits first!

You should also remember that while sneakers are very versatile and work great with a wide range of outfits – they don’t always work. If they did, we would all be wearing sneakers all the time! Some occasions, such as weddings and very official meetings, require something more of you, usually dress shoes. While sneakers surely can work with suits, they create a rather casual outfit that won’t fit official settings.

Don’t Overdo It – Keep It Simple!

Don’t Overdo It - Keep It Simple!

A lot of men tend to overdo their outfits when wearing sneakers. When wearing smart casual attire, don’t try to overcompensate with the rest of your wardrobe for a simple pair of sneakers. The same goes for the colour palette of your clothing – keep it simple and don’t splash too many contrasting colours.

Even a perfect pair of sneakers can be messed up by a pair of unmatching pants. When choosing pants to wear with your shoes, keep in mind the cuff width. Some sneakers work better with straight leg fit, while others match slim fit better. You can even pinroll your cuffs to show off the sneakers more! Experiment a bit and find out which style fits you best, as we are all different and feel the best in various types of attire.

Keep Your Sneakers Clean

One of the most important things about wearing sneakers with style is keeping them in good condition. No matter how stylish your shoes are, you won’t be able to properly show it off if your sneakers are dirty. However, you need to know how to clean your sneakers properly so that you do not destroy them in the process.

First of all, don’t just throw your sneakers into a washing machine and call it a day – sneakers need manual maintenance to look their best and using a washing machine can easily damage them. Instead, whenever your shoes get dirty, immediately use a simple dry brush to clean them. You can even use an old toothbrush!

If dry cleaning doesn’t work, you can make a mild cleaning solution with warm water and a few drops of laundry detergent – don’t use too much! Remove the laces and carefully wash them in the solution. Remember about washing the soles, as well as the rest of the shoe. You can use a microfiber cloth or a regular towel to dry it off. Finally, let your shoes dry at room temperature and don’t use a hair dryer. You can also lookout to how to customize your sneaker laces.

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