Foot Mask: How to Use It and What Are the Different Types Available?

Foot Mask

A common problem faced by all during winter is the dryness of their skin. This causes the skin to get peeled off, making it hard and the peeled-off area giving you irritation. There are many solutions to make the skin moisturized like applying a skin lotion, wearing warm clothes, using masks to cover the body parts, and more. Foot masks are a commonly used product to protect the foot from getting dried. There are many benefits that a foot mask provides.

If you don’t know what a foot mask is, read on and you will get to know about it, how to use it and what are some of the different types available to choose from.

What Is a Foot Mask?

What Is a Foot Mask

A foot mask is a beauty product that you can use in winter to expel impurities from the skin, eliminate foot odor, moisturize the foot skin, remove the dry and peeled off the skin, and generate new skin.

How to Use a Foot Mask?

  • First of all, take out the foot mask from its cover and wear it on both of your feet.
  • Make sure the peeling socks stick to your feet well.
  • Wear the mask for 120 minutes. You can do your day-to-day activities wearing the mask, it’s completely fine. You can even wear your slippers or sandals on it.
  • After 120 minutes, remove the mask from both of your legs and rinse your legs in warm water.
  • After 5-7 days, the dead skin will get peeled off and your skin will be smooth.

Types of Foot Masks

Types of Foot Masks

Let’s have a look at some of the types of foot masks that are widely used.

Peeling Socks with Glycolic Acid

These socks have a concentrated formula of Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid. It is a good solution for people having dry skin and wanting to get rid of the exfoliated dead skin. It contains Lavender which is a very good moisturizer. Also, the smell of Lavender is very soothing so one gets a relaxed experience wearing these socks.

One has to use this foot mask only once and the results will start appearing in 7-15 days. These foot masks are designed in such a way that the serum penetrates inside the skin quickly and makes the working faster so the effect can be seen in a much shorter time.

The concentrated formula of acids works perfectly well and accelerates the process of removing dead skin. No need to worry about the ill effects of the sock as it is made of 99% natural ingredients.

Moisturizing Mask Socks with Argan oil

93% certified ingredients of natural origin, quick nourishment with the rich content in fatty acids and vitamin E, and the primary ingredient of Argan in these socks make the skin hydrated.

The primary factor involved in making the dry skin smooth and removing the dead skin is the Argan oil along with Macadamia Oil as the secondary component. 100% vegan, this product is designed in such a way to improve the appearance of your feet and give results in 7-15 days, reducing the hardness of your skin.

Hydrating Mask Socks with Peach

Hydrating Mask Socks with Peach

These foot masks function to hydrate your dry feet and intensely repair them. The best part of this foot mask is the primary ingredient Peach which is a magnificent moisturizer.  Another very special ingredient is Shea Butter that nourishes the dry skin and helps remove the dead skin.

The special double-layer technology of the mask makes the process faster and gives results within a few days. You can use these masks once a week to see quick results. Your dry feet will get nourished and a new and better appearance of your feet will be there.

If you are worried about any damage to your feet, forget them as these masks are made of ingredients of natural origin.

Nourishing Mask Socks with Peppermint

In these mask socks, nourishment of the foot is possible due to the rich content of fatty acids and vitamin E. Not only does it remove the dead skin but improves the appearance of the foot giving a smooth and moisturizing finish. The cooling effect of the foot mask will make you feel completely relaxed while you wear it. It is completely allergic free so no need to worry.

So, hope you got an idea of how mask socks help you recover your dry skin. Explore the different mask socks available in the market, get any of them and use them once a week to improve your skin and get it free from dryness making it smooth and clean.

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