The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Custom-Made Jewellery

Custom-Made Jewellery

Custom jewellery is a stunning gift, as it is created especially for you. With the amount of time, money and extra thought that went into the creation of your bespoke treasure, you will want to ensure you take extra special care of your item.

This guide aims to deliver the most practical and effective ways of caring for your customised jewellery. If you are yet to buy a ring for your loved one and are on the lookout, you can go to a trusted shop to craft for you a beautiful custom made engagement ring that’s perfect for her. You can have a pick from lots of varied cuts, such as round brilliant or princess cut, and settings, among others.

Once you have your customised jewellery, such as one of the most unique custom made engagement rings, you can get the full length of beauty from it when it is looked after with the utmost care and attention. Follow the tips in this article to discover the best ways to preserve your ring so it stands the test of time.

How to Care For Your Personalised Jewellery

How to Care For Your Personalised Jewellery

As you may know, discoloration and scratches may appear over time no matter what quality of jewellery you buy. There are several things you can do to prevent this. Here are some effective things you can start to do from today:

Gold Jewellery: Keep these items and materials away from any water, detergents, perfumes and lotions. Anything that may contain harsh chemicals or alcohol is also a no. Remembering to remove these items before cleaning, showering or doing other activities will help preserve its shine. If you want to polish any customised jewellery with these materials, you simply need to wipe with a soft cloth or softly buff.

Sterling Silver: When you see 925 on your ring or necklace, you know its sterling silver. This means it will start to tarnish as the years go by but you can remove some of the oxidation effects through a gentle cleaning process. To slow down the discolouration and tarnishing, sorting the jewellery in a soft container or lined box can help. Keep it in a dark place and polish every now and then to maintain natural shine.

Gold-Plated Jewellery: If you have gold or rose gold plated jewellery and wish to look after it, you can prevent the natural tarnishing effects. As the metal reacts with the oxygen in the air, it will naturally tarnish over time. However, you can treat it so that this process is slowed down.

Custom-Made Jewellery Design

By following the basic jewellery care rules outlined in this article, you can preserve your precious jewellery for as long as possible. Ensuring you invest in some good containers that help preserve the integrity of the metal whilst removing your jewellery during times that can potentially damage your customised pieces.

The general guidelines are simple and polishing periodically with a soft cloth will be just what is needed to keep the sparkle in your jewellery.

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