Baby Halloween Costumes for Newborns and Infants in 2024

baby halloween costumes

The spooky season we all have been waiting for is here! Yes, we’re talking about the most fun festival of the year, Halloween! Whether it is carving a pumpkin, making delicious meals, or decorating your house, the Halloween season is full of entertaining and adventurous activities. This becomes more fun and amusing when you have kids around.  

Is this Halloween your baby’s first Halloween? If yes, why don’t you make it more memorable with some of the most creative baby Halloween costumes! There are many unique costumes available in the market that can make your infant or toddler’s Halloween more exciting and special.

Today in this blog, we’ve compiled some of the best baby Halloween costume ideas. So, whether you have a newborn, infant, or toddler, you can find the perfect outfit for your baby on this list. Imagine your baby in cute elephant, Sushi, or superhero costumes. Wouldn’t they look super cute and gorgeous?

From space rockets, burgers to unicorns, we’ve covered all types of best baby Halloween costumes ideas. All of them are so adorable, creative, and, most importantly, easy to manage. 

So, whether you want to dress up your baby in your favorite food or favorite movie character, you’ll find a dress here. So, let’s start the costume adventure. 

1. Avocado Baby Costume

Avocado Baby Costume

Everyone on this planet loves this healthy and Instagram-worthy food. This also includes your baby’s first Halloween costume. We’re talking about the delicious food Avocado! This yummy Avocado baby costume idea is perfect for both infants and toddlers. 

This costume has three separate pieces: a long sleeve tee, striped tights, and a zip-up avocado layer. You can easily customize the costume according to your climate. It also has an elastic waistband which will provide extra comfort to your baby. It is attarctive baby halloween costumes boy.

2. Daunting Dinosaur Costume

Daunting Dinosaur Costume

One animal that children fear and love the most is a dinosaur. So, this Halloween, get this adorable and daunting dinosaur costume for your kids. This onesie comes in various sizes and colors. 

This onesie is made from high-quality and baby-skin-friendly material. This dress is soft, breathable and your child will have a lot of fun wearing it. 

3. Jack Jack Baby Costume

Jack Jack Baby Costume

When it comes to baby superheroes, we can’t miss Jack Jack from the Incredibles movie. So, buy this iconic costume and dress up your baby as the superhero which has bizarre superpowers. 

This jumpsuit is exactly like the Jack Jack dress, and even this costume comes with an eye mask. To complete the look, add a dollop of gel in your baby’s hair, and your Jack Jack is ready for an adventure. 

4. Subway Sandwich Costume

Subway Sandwich Costume

Do you love subway sandwiches? Everyone loves them, right! This fall, instead of going to the subway, create a sandwich at your home. Yes, we’re talking about this cute and cuddly costume idea. This subway sandwich costume is affordable and looks really attractive on newborns.

So if your baby’s age is less than 18 months, you can buy this outfit from Amazon. It works both for girls and boys. The package includes the original sandwich wrap blanket and a funny hat with felt vegetables.

5. Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Infant Costume

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Infant Costume

Babies, kids, or adults, everyone loves Disney movies. So, this Halloween, give a princess makeover to your baby girl with this Disney Minnie mouse costume. Minnie Mouse is a classic character who brings joy and happiness to little ones.

These types of baby girl Halloween costumes are easy to manage and come under a decent price range. This baby Halloween costume girl package includes the sparkly multi-layered tulle skirt and cute Minnie mouse headband with ears.

6. Baby Boy Adorable Dragon Costume

Baby Boy Adorable Dragon Costume

Does your little one want to fly like a dragon? Look no further and bring home this sweet Halloween costume. Your toddler will be so happy after wearing this unique costume. Made from 100% polyester, this costume will be comfortable on your baby’s skin.    

These types of baby boy Halloween costumes are perfect for babies up to 18 months. This baby Halloween costume boy version has elastic at the wrists and has snaps along inseams for diapering. You can also detach the wings from the dress for a safe car seat or stroller ride.   

7. Baby Shark Halloween Costume

Baby Shark Halloween Costume

Baby shark, do do, do do do do…Baby shark, do do, do do do do… Have you also started to murmur these lines after reading the word ‘Baby shark’? After all, this is one of the favorite songs of kids these days.

So, if your little one loves listening to this song on a constant loop, there is no better Halloween costume than this baby shark one. The jumpsuit is easy to slip onto a newborn and is super comfy. 

8. Buzz Lightyear Baby Halloween Costume

Buzz Lightyear Baby Halloween Costume

If your kiddo is a big fan of Buzz Lightyear, let him live his dream come true with this amazing Halloween costume. Your baby will look adorable and spectacular in these types of baby boy Halloween outfits. With this buzz lightyear costume, your little one will have an incredible space adventure to the infinite and beyond. 

Made from 100% Polyester high-quality material, this costume is comfortable to wear. This will be the best Halloween costume with fun, colorful, and inventive designs that will make your baby a real superhero. 

9. Elvis Costume for Newborns

Elvis Costume for Newborns

This Halloween, let your baby become “The King” with this hilarious baby Elvis costume. This Halloween costume is perfect for babies because they can also hit those high notes (in the form of screaming and hollering). You also like this baby halloween costumes boy.

This whole costume package comes with a faux-rhinestone jumper, pants, hat, and booties. This cute outfit will really transform your little one into the cutest King and will also help him to tap into those vocal cords.

10. Rasta Imposta Hot Dog Costume

Rasta Imposta Hot Dog Costume

Are you looking for some comfy and warm Halloween costumes for your baby? Look no more and get this cute and comfy hot dog outfit. This dress is made from 100% Polyester, which will be soft on your baby’s skin. It is the best baby halloween costumes.

Easy to slip on, this dress is perfect for newborns and infants. In this outfit, your baby will feel comfy and warm the whole Halloween party night. 

11. Ladybug Toddler Halloween Costumes

baby halloween costumes

This year get this delightful and eye-catching Ladybug costume for your baby. After all, ladybugs are lucky and bring good luck! This insect dress will surely catch the attention of your guests. 

This adorable ladybird costume is made with 100% Polyester, which is also resistant to stretching and shrinking. It also has special buttons for easy diaper changing. Your toddler will surely look lovable in this red bodysuit with delightful black dots with adorable antennas.

Here are some more cool Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for both Boys and Girls: 

A baby wearing glasses and a scarf laying on a bed
A little girl sitting on a bed wearing a halloween costumes
baby with Elephant  halloween costumes
bab with mermaid  halloween costumes Ideas
baby halloween costumes
A baby wearing a pink bathrobe and sunglasses
Elephant halloween costumes ideas
Red Outfit baby halloween costumes
A baby wearing a red bow
Snail halloween costumes ideas
baby with penguin halloween costumes
baby with chicken halloween costumes

Happy Halloween!

So which baby Halloween funny costume idea do you like the most? When it comes to selecting the outfit for your baby, always consider buying the one with soft material. Try to buy materials like cotton or polyester. They’re soft and baby-skin friendly. Your baby will remain happy in these types of outfits. So, this year make your Halloween even sweeter with these cute costume ideas.

So this is all about the Baby Halloween costumes. I hope you like these costume ideas for your baby. Don’t forget to share this blog with your family members and friends so that they can also get ready for their babies and kids for the upcoming Halloween party! 

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