What Kinds of Shoes Are Best for Your Feet and Posture?

What Kinds of Shoes are Best

Health as they say, is wealth. And your shoes determine a lot when it comes to healthiness at every life’s stage. While your feet are only two other small parts of you, they do a huge job of carrying your body’s weight. You must pay attention to the kinds of shoes you wear on them.

What Kinds of Shoes are best for Your Feet and Posture? Shoes that fit your size without any complaints are the best for your feet and posture. Because your feet carry your weight, you must opt for practical and supportive shoes.

How do Shoes Affect Posture?

S are the material that separates your feet from the ground. They take up the shape of your feet and give you support as your heel strikes the ground each time you walk. Well, at least that’s what they’re supposed to be doing.

How do Shoes Affect Posture?

Practicality must always come first when buying shoes. Aesthetics can come second, ideally. Shoes that are well constructed don’t impact your posture negatively. Bad shoes however, can affect your posture in the following ways:

They can cause back pain

Wearing badly-made shoes can put a strain on your back muscles. The resulting pain can distill into a bad posture because you find yourself needing to bend over while standing.

Strains in the calf muscle

Shoes with very high heels can cause your calf muscle to become strained. This is because more weight is placed on the front of your legs rather than the heels.

Strained calf muscles can easily degrade your posture and make you look unnatural when you stand or walk.

Achilles pain

Pain in the Achilles can be highly unbearable. It’s a lot better avoided than treated. Shoes that cause Achilles pain can also cause you to have bad posture. Pain is never a friend of good posture.

Plantar Fasciitis

This problem results from the wearing away and continuous strain injury to the ligaments in the feet. It’s difficult to stand or walk when this problem arises.

Features of Shoes that are Healthy for Your Feet and Posture

Features of Shoes that are Healthy for Your Feet and Posture

The shoes that’ll promote your feet health and posture have the following features. Look out for these when shopping for your shoes.

  • Removable Arch Support: In case you’d need to slide in your own orthotics, make sure your shoes have removable arch support. That way, you can adjust them if need be.
  • Your Perfect Size: Regardless of how perfectly a pair of shoes were constructed, they won’t do you any good if you don’t go for the right size. Ensure you buy your perfect size.
  • Good Arch Support: Appropriate arch support is needed for shoes which won’t let your feet sprawl. The arch support must be strong and we’ll fit.
  • Weather-fit: If you use shoes that are badly fitted for the weather, they may not cause you to bend over or get bad posture but they’ll still leave you with freezing feet or overly sweaty ones.
  • Shock Absorption: During walking, your feet strike the ground and register an amount of ‘shock’. Good shoes absorb the shock to relieve your feet of stress and strain.
  • Firm Heel Cups: Your feet must enter perfectly in the heel cups of the shoes that you choose. They keep your heels in place and you will be supported for good posture.
  • Breathable: The breathability of a pair of shoes affects how comfortable you feel when you wear them. Buy shoes with breathable mesh uppers.
  • Firm Construction: When picking out your shoes, go for those with firm construction. Ensure that your shoes do not completely fold over. It should be foldable as a sign of flexibility but shouldn’t bend all the way.

More tips to Consider when Buying Shoes

Know your feet type: Are your feet wide or narrow? Do you have any deformities or pain that need to be managed? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of shoes you’ll buy.

Buy shoes based on your lifestyle: Do you do a lot of sports? What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Those and the type of terrain you plough daily will help you make informed decisions.

Consider the type of work you do: Are you an healthcare worker, a teacher or a sedentary worker? The kind of shoes to invest in must be best suited with your daily work.

More tips to Consider when Buying Shoes

Are Heeled Shoes Good for Your Feet and Posture?

In a nutshell, no. Heeled shoes can cause blisters or even arthritis. They cause your weight to be placed on your toes and so imbalance you. It’s best to wear them sparsely.

Great Shoes, Great Feet

What does it mean when you get the right shoes for your feet and posture? Perfect health, that’s what it means!

Go for quality over quantity. Better to have three fully supportive shoes than six posture-deforming ones. Thanks for reading and remember to go for the best only.

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