What to Wear to Any Party, From Cocktail Attire to Casual

What to Wear to Any Party, From Cocktail Attire to Casual

Formal events have strict dress codes, yet you must find a flattering ensemble suitable for the occasion's celebration.

What to wear: Choose a lovely day dress, pastel or floral, or a suit with feminine touches. Add a light layer for sleeveless styles.

What to Avoid: Skip anything low cut, short, or clingy.

Baptism, Bar Mitzvah, or Other Religious Ceremony

What to wear: Choose tuxedos, shimmer, ornate gowns, or chic suits. Elevate with elegant accessories for formal events.

What to Avoid: In formal if black tie optional then knee length cocktail dress is perfect.

Black-Tie Wedding or Charity Gala

What to wear: Choose cocktail attire for fancy events. Little black dress, jewel-tone or pastel work. Dressy separates are acceptable too.

What to Avoid: Avoid casual fabrics and super-short styles, not go higher than fingertips.

Cocktail party, Wedding or Engagement

What to wear: Go bold with glitz, color, and statement accessories. Dress or jumpsuit, textured embellishments welcome.

What to Avoid: Consider party theme but style it your self.

Holiday Party, Dinner Party, or Festive Event