Professional Tips on Looking Good in a Suit

Professional Tips on Looking Good in a Suit

4 ways To Look Good in a Suit

- Sizing

- Colors and Patterns

- Suit Styles

- Accessorizing


- jacket should be shoulder edges for proper fitting.

- Verify sleeves end slightly above the wrist for correct fitting.

- Ensure knuckles align with jacket's hem for proper length fit.

-Opt for high-armhole jacket with armpit level for comfort.

Colors and Patterns

- Get charcoal gray or navy blue for a classic, easy-to-match suit

-Complement the suit color with a slim-fitting shirt..

- Try plaid in a neutral color to be less formal.

-Wear black suits for formal or nighttime occasions.

Suit Styles

- Get a single-breasted suit for a reliable classic.

- Add more character with a three-piece suit.

-Go for a double-breasted suit for more formal occasions.


- Wear shoes and a belt that match your suit.

-Try a tie clip and cufflinks to bring the whole outfit together.

- Accent your suit with a matching watch.

-Pick a simple tie that complements your suit color.