7 Simple and Stylish Tips to Dress Better

7 Simple and Stylish Tips to Dress Better

1. Fluff your outfit

After wear an outfit, pause to 'fluff' it- styling, straightening. Adjust cuffs, tuck smartly, remove pet hairs, align seams. Pre-exit mirror check, even step back for fresh perspective.

2. Balance head to toe

Balance involves distributing garment weight evenly from top to bottom. Pair fitted tops with flowy skirts, avoid drowning in excessive flowiness.

3. 3 Colour Rule

Craft cohesive look with max 3 colors. Ease shoe/jacket choice. Stick to rule when stuck, use shades within 3 colors.

4. Accessorise Properly

Accessories transform outfits. Prioritize them for improved style. Choose versatile pieces. Consider skin tone for silver/gold preference. Simplify with consistent hardware.

5. Coordinate with color

Matching colors enhances dressing skills. Use Pinterest for inspiration. Research specific items. Discover skin tone-complementing colors for personal style improvement.

6. plan the night before

Advance outfit planning ensures improved dressing. Create perfect looks, avoid rushed choices. Develop style insight and better fashion sense over time.

7. Closet is Organised

To enhance dressing, grasp your wardrobe content. Organized closet clarifies choices, aids future purchases. Knowledgeable wardrobe leads to better shopping decisions.