Cap-Wearing Guide: How To Wear Graduation Cap

Practice Wearing Your Cap Before The Big Day

Practice wearing the cap to ensure correct placement. Trying it beforehand ensures it stays secure, looks good, and can be readjusted easily.

According To cap style Your Hair

Choose your hairstyles that accommodate the graduation cap, such as low ponytails, braids, or leaving your hair down.

Secure Your Cap On Top Of Your Head

To secure your graduation cap, use clips or bobby pins matching your hair color to prevent it from falling off.

Brush Out Graduation Tassel

To wear a graduation cap: brush tassel, hook onto center button, give it a tug to ensure it's secure.

Wear Your Graduation Cap With Pride.

Celebrate this incredible achievement! Dressing up in a graduation cap and gown is a special opportunity. Embrace your ceremony attire with pride!