Curling Iron Guide: How To Use A Curling Iron

Heat Up the curling iron

Heat curling iron to 320°F for fine hair, 430°F for thicker hair. Experiment to find right temp. Test with tissue paper to avoid scorching.

Brush your Overall hair

Ensure proper curl formation, detangle hair and fully dry it before curling. Use a blow dryer on damp areas.

Apply a heat protectant

Spray this product on dry hair. It shields and adds shine, safeguarding your locks from high heat damage during styling.

Make 4 hair sections

Partition hair into top and bottom halves, then divide each section into left and right pieces. Subdivide into 2–3 inch wide , securing with clips.

curl your hair in section

For wand curls, wrap hair around the barrel without using the clamp. Avoid overlapping for optimal heat and avoid crimps.

Pin up curls quickly

Compact the curl by gripping the bottom and securing it with a bobby pin. Pinning curls while they become cool extends their longevity.

Continue hair pinned up

Allow your all curls to cool completely before removing the clips from your hair.

Take out all bobby pins

Remove bobby pins once hair is cool. Shake out curls and fix any disheveled ones.

Manipulate curled hair

Modify curled hair as desired. Tousle with fingers or tease slightly for a relaxed look. Tousling large curls creates beautiful waves.

Add hairspray lightly

Spray light amount of hairspray for curl hold. Avoid excessive spraying to prevent stiffness or weighing down the hair.