Considering a Lab Diamond for Your Engagement Ring or Next Jewellry Purchase?

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Here's 5 Reasons to Choose a Lab Create Diamond

Lab grown diamonds, also called man-made or cultured diamonds, are created in labs replicating natural diamond formation, exhibiting identical properties to natural diamonds.

What Are Lab Grown Diamonds?

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Superior Quality & Purity

Lab grown diamonds are purer and more pristine compared to mined diamonds, resulting in better quality gemstones with higher purity ratings.


Known as Origin Diamond

To ensure the origin of diamonds, choose lab-grown diamonds over mined ones, as tracing the history of mined diamonds is challenging.


Environmental Superiority

Diamond mines are colossal and ecologically damaging, but lab diamonds are eco-friendly, as they are grown sustainably using renewable energy.


Diamonds for Your Budget

Lab diamonds are 40-50% cheaper than mined diamonds of comparable quality due to efficient supply chains and large mining company profits.


Positive Externalities

Buy from Ada Diamonds to support R&D in medicine, computing, renewable energy, etc. Their diamond growers use gemstone revenue for innovation.