Various Types Of Bracelets To Complete Your Look

Bracelets have always been one of the best picks for women when it comes to wearing anything on the wrist. When it comes to choosing the bracelet that matches to your attire, you get many options as there are many different types of bracelets to choose from. Let’s check out some amazing varieties of bracelets:

Bangle Bracelets


It can be worn in multiples, just like bangles. It is usually a ring with no opening at all or a normal tongue clasp. It is a versatile bracelet and can easily assemble in various materials and colors.

Cuff Bracelets


It is to the bangle bracelets. It is a ring which often ends up one-third on the wrist and is usually open at the end. The cuff bracelets for women sits right on the wrist firmly and is often not flexible like other bracelets.

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Beaded Bracelets


These types of bracelets are not too expensive. These are often made up of beads that consist of objects likes wooden beads, stones or plastic beads. If it has gemstones beaded into the thread, then those bracelets are expensive.

Charm Bracelets


Most of the times when you think of wearing bracelets, charm bracelets for women are the one that comes to your head. This is a high school accessory.

Link Bracelets


This bracelet is made up of beads that are twisted on the chain and are linked together. Mostly they are made by the expensive brands like Tiffany and Swarovski.

Identification Bracelets


It is just like some other simple bracelet that has charm, but the only different thing in this that it is personalized. You can have a bracelet with your name written on it.

While choosing a bracelet you must keep in mind the occasion you want to wear it in. Here we have given you some amazing types of bracelets that can make you look complete for any kind occasion.   

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