13 Vacation Outfit Ideas: A Stylish Approach For Vacation

Vacation Outfit Ideas

Vacations are something that everyone waits for! After the stressful college year and hectic office time, vacation is like a paradise invitation for us. Only hearing the holiday can give you butterflies in your stomach. After knowing that you can go on vacation, first is to decide the destination, booking and then the most confusing thing to do PACKING!

If you are one among the human breed that counts in procrastinator, then you already know the difficulties. The main problem with us, women is that we can’t really decide what we want to take on a trip, like what kind of outfit. Let me be clear it isn’t us who can’t choose, its all because of the options we have (like plenty of them!).

No matter where you go, whether it is a beach, camping, or visiting the abroad cities, your outfits should be high-class trendy and fashionable. And if you are someone who always wants their Instagram posts on the point then trust us this article about summer vacation dresses is for you only.


In this article, we have covered up every kind of vacation dresses that you will need for your expedition. Without thinking much, jump in! You will definitely get your style among our thirteen vacation outfit ideas. They are comfortable as well as classy that will make you look fashionista without any doubt.

Travel Outfit Ideas

Travel Outfit Ideas

Before heading anywhere you will have to travel, and who said you don’t need a separate outfit for travel? (if you are lazy one then you have the right to skip this!). Travel outfits should be the most comfortable one, no matter whether you are going by plane, train, through bike or car.

  • You can go for denim jegging or jeans with a basic t-shirt and a tied shirt on the waist with flip flops.
  • Knee-Cut denim with a cute printed tank top and sports shoes or sneaker is also suitable for the travel outfit.

Vacation Outfit Ideas

Vacation Outfit Ideas

The primary and essential part of the article starts here. You may be willing to skip travel outfit ideas, and that is totally okay, but you definitely can’t ignore this point. Basically, there are two types of dresses that are must for the vacation, and they are maxi and mini dresses. Besides these two, other clothing that may interest you are shorts, palazzos, skirts, and Co-Ords. Since this is the scenario, we have segregated this into three sections! And these sections are as follows:-

Mini Dresses

Buttoned-up Orange

Buttoned-up Orange Vacation Outfit

This cute orange buttoned-up dress is perfect for the day when you will be exploring the streets of the new city. Style them with strappy sandals and a mini bag to complete the look.

Polka Mania

Polka Mania Vacation Outfit Ideas

The exotic white mini dress with substantial black polka dots is the best outfit when in resort enjoying the holiday. Don’t forget sandals and a sunproof hat.

Traveling with Sister

Traveling with Sister

There are always perks when traveling with sister and biggest of them is outfit options, you can wear her outfits too (only if it fits you!). When you both are out on streets don’t wear similar outfits (twinning is outdated!) this summer go for opposite styles as they did above, one can go for floral and other should opt plain.

Tropical Country

Tropical Country Outfit Ideas for Vacation

When in the tropical country go for the above tropic print mini dress and show some love to the new state. As for jewelry go for dangle earrings and for footwear heels are a must.

Maxi Dresses

Retro Style

Retro Style maxi for Vacation Outfit Ideas

The skin fit straight dress with squared-neckline is ideal for your trip to vintage and coastal country. Polka dot will give it a retro look and pair it with the block-heeled mules.

Boho Print

Boho Print maxi for Vacation Outfit

Boho print is an all-time favorite and loved by everyone. Get this boho print dress for your trip to Europe or any peaceful country. Add a piece of boho jewelry and flats to complete the look.


Leafy mexi Vacation Outfit Ideas

Got a beachy vacation? Don’t worry, just pack this leafy print maxi dress in your luggage and you are ready to slay your beach look.

Same as Mommy

Vacation Outfit Ideas for mother and daughter

Are you going on a trip with the family? Then grab this opportunity and get yourself and your daughter the same outfits. Wear this outfit on a beach and let people admire the mother-daughter duo.

Except Above Both


Shorts for Vacation Outfit Ideas

Denim shorts are BFF with summers and vacations. So when on vacation don’t even think of ditching them. Anyways why would you want that too, right? They are such a cute creation of human beings.


Co-Ords for Vacation Outfit Ideas

These Co-Ords are so cool, and the fantastic thing about it is its print. Get your hands on such Exclusive Designer Co-Ords and pair them with your wedges.


Palazzo Ideas for Vacation Outfit

Palazzos are something that can let you move freely and makes you feel much comfortable. Get yourself a palazzo and pair it with a basic t-shirt, shirt or crop top. It will go with anything. As for footwear sports shoes, sneakers, sandals or heels, pair anything with the palazzo and look at how it is going to make your ensemble outshine.

People are always worried about packing for vacation trip so here are some tips on what to pack for holiday. These were the vacation outfit ideas that would have helped you in decision-making.

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