Are Your Wearing Your Tunics Right?

Tunic Dress

Tunics have a long history of dressing women in an elegant and stylish way. They come in various styles, colors, textures, and fabric and are commonly viewed as occasion independent garments. In the past decade, we have seen women transforming the tunic into various spin-outs such as tunic top, tunic-dress, etc.

It is worth noting that some celebrity stylists of the late 80s had made a prediction that tunic will return to the regular fashion in say fifty years or so. However, they have made a comeback sooner than they were expected to.

Tunic Dress

In the following paragraphs, we are going to help you in selecting the right tunic for you and helping you in wearing them in the right manner. So, without further ado, let us find out more about your favorite garment and their suitability based on your body type:

1) Blessed Hourglass Beauties:

Tunic Dress

Though we all love our body types and we should, but at some point of our lives, we have desired for an hourglass body. In case you are blessed with one, you must opt for a well-fitting tunic and not an oversized one, as the later will only help in breaking your look and hiding your best features.

2) Pear Figure Women:

Tunic Dress

One of the most common body types of women, they are easier to dress up without much hassle. If you belong to this segment, then go for a side slit tunic which has a wide neckline and a tapering. For best results, you can pair it with a belt and a heavy necklace. You can also try skinny fit jeans or leggings to complete your look. Also, you can carry this look to your college, office, or wherever you want to!

3) Petite Beauties:

Tunic Dress

Another common body type is the smaller frame one. Though this body type is also easy to dress, women often struggle while choosing the right fit and style for them while buying tunics online. If you also face the same problem, then choose the tunic whose hemline is up till your hips or just above it. Doing so will help in presenting your proportionate look. Also, it would be best if you considered going for shorter sleeves and not the dramatic ones.

4) Full Figure Ladies:

Tunic Dress

For full-figured women, it always helps to keep the wrists and collar bones visible. This not only helps you in looking more slimmer, but it always does some magic with your height. Also, please go with light colors with tiny patterns. Many full figure models have tried this look, and the results have always been impressive.

Now since we have discussed the types based on your body type, it is time to tell you what are the best versions of the garment you will come across while buying tunics online:

Mock Shrug Shirt Type:


Shrugs are in the running trend, and therefore a tunic version had to be made. And guess what? Women absolutely love it. The double-layer tunic looks appealing to women of all ages and body types.

Space Dyed Type:

Tunic Dress

Stripes never run out of trend, and they come out as their best versions on dyed tunics. You must have seen some B-town divas wearing one of these tunics while out on a stroll.

Trapezium Shaped:

Tunic Dress

Best for casual wear, the trapeze flared tunics can be your go-to garment for the summer weekends with your girl’s company.

We hope that this article inspired you to add a new dress item to your shopping cart. Not to mention that tunics are among the most comfortable dress items to wear, you can get ready in your tunic look in under a minute!

Tunic Dress

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