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Trend Watch: Camo Looks That Won’t Make You Blend In

Sometimes, even the most confident fashion trailblazers can succumb to the pressure and need to stay on current trends. The desire to stand out amongst the pack and forge your own path can often feel like an impossible mission. That’s where Red Dress Boutique comes in — consider them your reinforcements in the field who will let you know that blending in and toeing the line isn’t always the best plan of attack when it comes to fashion. So, your mission this season is to do right by you and stand out with the help of these camo looks that (ironically enough) do anything but make you blend in.

The Camo Shorts Overalls:

Make a mark on campus this season in these cute and sassy camo short overalls. Not only do they look equally fabulous with cool slip-ons or sandals, but they’re also the perfect attire for strolling the grounds between classes or meeting up with your friends for a casual lunch break. Overalls are back and better than ever, and camo overalls are the perfect way to rock this trend with style.  

Bismarck Jacket:

After a long week of being a responsible adult, you deserve a little R&R on the weekend. Gather the troops together for an impromptu ladies’ getaway and become one with nature – whether that means a ladies mountain weekend or a winery with rustic views. Show your squad that you mean business on these no-work-and-all-play ladies retreat in your seriously stylish camo Bismarck Jacket by Thread & Supply. This rock star jacket adds some serious flair to any everyday outfit, but pair this fabulous jacket with some chic black ankle booties and cool shades for a complete camo look.

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Watch Closely Green Camo Skirt:

So, your bestie thought she had the element of surprise on her side when she nonchalantly invited you to join her and “a friend” for lunch. Little does she know, however, that you are wise to her blind-date-sneak-attack and fully intend on coming prepared — or at least ready to make a strong first impression on whoever this mystery man may be. Show your friend and blind date that you aren’t a woman to be messed with by making an entrance in your cute green camo skirt. Want to add some edge to your look? Pair your camo skirt with a crisp white shirt and black flatform sandals or layer your look with a denim jacket for a more “everyday girl” with a laid-back vibe. However you choose to wear this number, we’re sure you’ll slay with style.

Camo Pants:

Going to work out is already a daunting task in and of itself, but going to work out in the early morning is a whole other undertaking. When you plan on wearing these cute and comfy camo pants with a classic white Tee for your early work out session, you’ll be so comfortable you won’t mind moving around before the sun is up. The best part about these joggers is that you can go straight from the gym to your morning coffee date and have an overall productive morning all while feeling confident in your casual look.

Stay ahead of the trends this season and strategize your camo wardrobe must-haves now. Don’t wait. Shop Red Dress Boutique today.