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Top 5 Winter Hair Care Tips For Seasonally Affected Hair

You thought that with the end of summer, you could finally be free of all that sun damage to your hair but we’ve got bad news, winters are bad for your hair too.The combination of the chilly weather outdoors and the dry heat indoors damages hair leading to split ends and breakage.

However, you don’t need to worry because in this article, we are going to give you five amazing winter hair care tips using which you can beat the seasonal menace and keep your hair gorgeous and healthy all year long.

1. Keep your hair hydrated-

virgin weave hair

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During winter; your scalp is even drier and itchier than usual because of the lack of moisture.

This causes serious problems such as flakes, dandruff and an irritated scalp and leads to virgin weave hair fall.

Using a heavier than usual oil-based moisturizer will fight this problem as it will evaporate slowly and protect your hair from the blasts of dry air which are common during the winter.

One common and key sign of dryness in the winter are free-floating fine strands.

Instead of going the dryer sheet/static guard route, you can pamper your hair once a week by slathering it with a high quality conditioner for 30 minutes until the moisture penetrates into your shafts. After doing this, you should lock in the moisture using a leave-in conditioner.

Such weekly treatments using conditioners will keep your hair hydrated and replace lost moisture.

You can also hydrate your hair overnight by using night-serums or special oils.

virgin weave hair

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Night serums might make a mess on your pillow so one thing you can do is to use an old and designated “hair hydration” pillow cover during the nights you apply night serums. 

Serums are good for moisturizing your hair as they pass through dry hair better than wet. If you have curly, textured or relaxed strands, you should hydrate with oils having a high omega fatty acid content like Phytospecific Baobab oil.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids because if you are hydrated on the inside, it will reflect on your hair on the outside.

2. Don’t leave your home with damp hair-

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If you go outside with damp or wet hair, the cold might cause your hair to expand or freeze thus leading to a lot of breakage and damage,expecially for curly brazilian hair. It might also lead to your hair colour fading faster than usual.

Thus if you want healthy hair you should take your time and let it dry naturally or blow dry it properly before going out.

Never put your hair up before it dries as this might cause several problems like split ends, dandruff and breakage.

Another thing you should avoid is rubbing your hair dry with a towel as the friction caused by this might damage your hair. The best way to dry your hair is to gently squeeze it using a towel so that the extra moisture comes out and then blow drying it using the cool setting.

If you don’t have time and must hot air, then you should hold the dryer at least 15 centimetres away from your hair to avoid damage.

3. Avoid excessive styling and follow a proper hair care routine

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Winter is a time when you should avoid excessively styling your hair in general and using things like curling irons and hair dryers in particular. 

The heat created by these kinds of devices might dry your hair and scalp leading to split ends, breakage and damage.

If you have heat damaged hair, then damage rescue shampoos by companies like Head and Shoulders might help.

One innovative thing you can do is to style your hair in buns, twists, ponytails or braids so that you don’t have to use heat heavy styling.

Avoid dyes like platinum as these are incredibly damaging to your hair. Instead of platinum, you can go for a less damaging darker colour. 

Limiting the use of chemicals you use on your hair will decrease damage and help your hair retain it’s moisture.

Regular trimming of your hair will prevent split ends and help keep your hair in excellent condition.

As tempting as it seems during the winter, try to avoid washing your hair with hot water as this damages the scalp which is usually sensitive during the cold season. You can use warm or cold water instead for healthy hair care.

4. Use special hair oils-

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Oils such as olive oil or coconut oil can be very helpful in fighting flakes and dandruff. Heat the oil until warm and then mix a tablespoon of lemon juice into it. Massage the mixture into your scalp and let your hair soak it in for 30 minutes.

Rinse it out and then shampoo and condition for best results.

The oil will provide nourishment for your hair, moisturize your scalp and greatly improve your blood circulation thus helping with hair fall and a host of other hair problems.

You can also use oil as a deep conditioning treatment by coating your entire hair with it.

5. Use special winter headgear

virgin weave hair

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Coarse fabrics such as cotton and wool can damage your hair by causing split ends and breakage. This is doubly relevant to girls with curly or natural textured hair. Prevent this from happening by lining your headgear with softer fabric like silk or satin. You can easily do this yourself by taking the material from a silk blouse or scarf and sewing it into your hat.

Cover your head with a sleep bonnet or silk scarf before sleeping so that your hair is protected from friction and retains its moisture.

Be sure to protect your hair from the elements while going out by using a scarf or a winter hat.

These were our top five winter hair care tips for seasonally affected hair. We hope you enjoyed reading the article and we wish you a good day.