Top 10 Professional Makeup Brands That Are Popular In Market

Choosing a right brand of makeup is a big decision to make for your skin. Human skin is very delicate, to look after it properly you need to invest in some Professional Makeup Brands. Here we have a list of Top 10 Makeup Brands that are reasonably priced.


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Makeup Art Cosmetic is a famous brand started in 1984 in Toronto. The company originally made products for makeup professionals and models but gradually it turned into one of the biggest global brands.


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This an Indian cosmetic brand that owned by Hindustan Unilever, that is the number one cosmetic brand in our country. Lamke has a wide range of products and some of their basic ranges are within the reach of the average Indian woman.


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It is the best selling brand in the world. It is the French cosmetics company which founded in 1909. L’Oreal is named as one of the world’s ethical companies more than once. It is one of the Most Popular Makeup Brands.


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It is a subsidiary of L’Oreal. Started in 1915 by a 19-year-old entrepreneur Thomas Lyle Williams. Maybelline a wide range of products from its famous mascaras to the Baby Lips lip balms, foundations, lipsticks and so on.


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This cosmetic brand founded by 25-year-old Toni Ko in California. This brand has an incredible range of products that include eyeliner, foundations, lipsticks, and other makeup essentials.


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In this Makeup Brands List, Colorbar is India’s leading beauty brand. It has a wide range of makeup products for skin, eye, lips, and nails.

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L.A Girl

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L.A Girl has a range of products from concealers, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, lipsticks, powders, contour kits and so on.


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Revlon has a versatile range of products ranging from lipsticks to nail polishes and foundations to compact powders. It is also known for its personal care products and fragrances.

Makeup Revolution

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MUR claims to be cruelty-free and none of their products are tested on animals. It has a wide range of concealers, palettes and contour kits.

The Body Shop

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It is an England based brand which was founded in 1976. If you are somebody who only likes to purchase naturally-inspired, cruelty-free products that are not animal tested then this brand is for you.

These were the Top 10 Makeup Brands for you to by Fashionterest, according to your skin type.