Tips to Become a Pro in Fashion: Level Up Your Look

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Fashion is an indispensable attribute of modern life. What is it? There are a lot of definitions; for example, the most common variant of clothing or a completer and more capacious one: “temporary domination of certain tastes in all areas of life, in clothing, in culture, in the interior and even in food”.

These tastes change quite quickly in our era; on average, once every six months. Answering the question of how to become fashionable, we can say that a fashionable woman is one who knows how without changing herself; to change with the surrounding world and correspond to it. Before buying our exclusive realization par dress, go through this quick fashion guide to always be in style.

What are fashion and style?

A fashionable person wears fashionable clothes, reads fashion books; listens to fashionable music; and attends fashionable performances, and it is often impossible to keep up with momentary moody fashion. In this case; a style comes to the rescue, the main thing for which is the inner individuality and inner world of a person. A stylish girl will never wear a dress with a high waist or a pencil skirt; if she does not allow the figure. Obviously; in one article it is impossible to discuss all aspects of human life and society, so today we will study the most acute and burning part of the problem: how to become fashionable in terms of appearance and clothes.

The appearance of any woman consists not only of beautiful; modern clothes. It includes accessories, shoes, makeup; hairstyle; as well as the ability to wear it; posture, behavior, and the ability to move and speak correctly and beautifully. So, appearance is a combination of fashion and style.

Moreover; fashion changes often and quickly; and the style is developed and maintained for many years, changes gradually, along with a change in the figure, the pace of life, and priorities, i.e. along with age. Therefore, more and more women are thinking about how to learn how to dress stylishly.

What is elegance?

Recently, the opinion has often been expressed that complete freedom reigns in fashion you need to wear only what is comfortable and like. Everything is fashionable: heels and a flat sole, mini and maxi, wide and narrow trousers. In today’s fashion, there are at least a dozen directions, which is equivalent to infinite freedom of choice, it is important to be able to use this freedom wisely, to choose the right direction for yourself so as not to look like a bluestocking that neglects the significance of the costume and appearance; nor a ridiculous parrot, in a suit which violated all laws of compatibility. Namely; the compatibility of a suit with a person is the key to elegance. After all; elegance is the harmony of a person and things; this is the ability to dress with taste, using one’s strengths and even weaknesses.

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What are the laws of elegance?

  • Compatibility of the costume with the appearance; age and figure of both a mature woman and a young girl in silhouette and colour.
  • Costume compatibility with the place (home; office; walk, night club) and time of day and time of year.
  • Accuracy in clothes; lack of carelessness in hair; manicure; clean; well-groomed shoes.
  • Simultaneous ease and austerity of the costume, lack of pretentiousness, and outrageous; except in special cases.
  • Perfect fit, tailoring and fit the suit on the figure
  • All accessories – an umbrella, a handbag, a scarf, a belt must correspond to one style and combine not only with each other; but also, with clothes according to the material; colour, shape. The reasonable and appropriate amount of jewellery.

How to become fashionable?

Most of all, our contemporaries’ everyday fashion is affected by television, street, advertising, and show business. It is they who form the recognizable image, which is fashionable today, and tomorrow is no longer there. The most important thing for girls and women who think about how to become fashionable is to know themselves, their figure, and their abilities to correspond to fashionable trends, to be always very beautiful and modern.

In solving this problem, several components can be distinguished

  • The most important thing is to learn to see yourself as you are. You do not need to ascribe to yourself non-existent shortcomings, for example, extra pounds, and lower your self-esteem, but you do not need to overestimate your own merits. Even the longest legs end somewhere, and this place should be covered with a skirt and remain a secret for most. Adequate self-esteem is the basis for success.
  • It is important to take care of yourself and your body. A blurry figure (although they sell corrective underwear or fitness services at every corner), broken nails, or unevenly dyed hair will destroy any suit.
  • It is necessary to develop a taste. The taste is manifested in the art of dressing with a sense of proportion. There is an opinion that they are born with him, he is either there or not, and you cannot educate him in yourself. This is not true. We need to work on ourselves, including reviewing and studying the paintings of artists and understanding what proportion is, how colors are combined, and what is sophistication or vulgarity. A great painting will answer all your questions. In addition, it is useful to look at and analyze information in fashion magazines regularly
  • To create your own image, about which I want to say – fashionable, stylish, elegant, we must educate in ourselves an artist and not just an artist, but a hard worker. After all, the canvas, which is called “My Image”, is written all my life, without days off and holidays.

Here are some tips to follow

  • When choosing clothes, you need to remember what is going on, and not what is fashionable at this point in time.
  • You do not need to wear a mini skirt and a blouse with a deep neckline, i.e. open both chest and knees.
  • In one set of clothes, there can be only three colours.
  • Plastic nails, etched white hair, gel-pouted lips and inconceivable size of silicone breasts, “vigorous makeup” and dimensionless heels are signs of not just bad, but terrible taste.
  • A large number of sequins, sequins, and rhinestones on clothes, shoes, and accessories often look vulgar, especially in the morning and afternoon. “Glamorous” brilliant style has long gone out of fashion.
  • A small black dress is a desirable element in the wardrobe of every woman, it is always in fashion and always appropriate. However, its cut, as well as the entire wardrobe, should correspond to age and figure.
  • After 50 years, do not open your shoulders, knees and chest.
  • Full women cannot wear not only tight but also transparent clothes. Excess weight can be hidden by drapery, large patterns; dark colours, flowing silhouette.
  • At home; even in the company of your guardian angel and yourself, you need to look beautiful and neat. Shabby slippers and a faded bathrobe are not acceptable. Here’s some more on fashion tips.
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Now you know how to become fashionable. And finally, a quote from a great designer: “Fashion and everything that it generates can be compared with the peel of an apple. “It covers and protects the flesh of the fetus, but at the same time it is the result, the visual manifestation of the internal, often mysterious forces that govern us.”

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