8 Tie Design For Halloween Party That You Love That!

Tie Storage Boxes

Seasonal packaging is important for the brands to make their prominent identification in the packaging industry and draw the consumer’s attention towards their items and prevent them from getting distracted by any other product from another organization. Some brands utilize seasonal events for boosting their sales and innovating new ideas and designs that make their organization incomparable from the rest of the firms. 

According to some research, this Halloween, the national retail federation predicts the total sales of over $7.7 billion. After the news got viral many companies started incorporating Halloween themed packaging and products into their manufacturing while remaining true to their organization.   

Halloween Themed Neck Tie and Bow Tie

As Halloween arrives, everyone makes sure that their customized cloths specially made for this event are all set to go! But when it is time to appear decent and go to the office, university or school in decent clothes it becomes hard for one to enjoy this event to its fullest. To bridge this gap the most decent way in which one can enjoy this event while staying in their dressing limitation is to wear a customized printed tie specially made for Halloween.

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The ties are encased in the special Tie Storage Boxes that make it more exciting to make a purchase of customized tie and select their favorite and unique patterned tie just by having a look at the design of the box. a very minor but the most alluring change that one can adopt during Halloween is to put on a ghost, spirit, or witched designed ties. 

Tie Storage Boxes

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Best Gift for Halloween

Tie represents the capability. Just like glasses make you look smarter even if you are not, wearing a tie makes your look influential and people automatically start trusting your professionalism and capabilities without a doubt. This plus point makes Tie Gift Boxes a very praising and appreciated gift product. There are numerous ways in which you can present tie to your loved one but it is suggested that use the tie boxes for the neckties and get the box printed in the same print that is of the tie encased inside the product.

When it comes to bow ties, please use the differentiated Bow Tie Boxes that are specially designed for the bow ties. Such boxes come in a rectangular shape with a flipping top or in two-piece boxes. Design the outer layer of product packaging with the design that indicates the product encased in the boxes. 

Tie Storage Boxes

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Flying Bat Design

You can give your tie a unique texture by printing the flying bat in the dark blue sky with a white moon and barren tree on the background. It represents a night of Halloween where no human is found wandering on the streets. 

Skeleton Design

Another very impressive style that has a huge demand in the market is the skeletons printed on the tie in symmetrical order. In our common life skeleton is considered as a sign of danger and precaution is also provided to avoid the danger and the destruction that could happen. You can also increase the worth of your skeleton themed ties by encasing them in the relevant tie box packaging. 

Tie Storage Boxes

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Witch on The Broom Design  

Another very impressive idea to increase your customized tie sales by utilizing Halloween event and themes, you can get your tie printed in the most appealing idea of Halloween by placing a small number of witched on the tie. Some on the ground and holding the broom in their hands while some in the air, sitting and flying on their brooms with a tall rectangular hat on their heads. 

Pumpkin Styled Ties

The reason behind the placing of  an empty pumpkin with eyes, nose, and teeth cut out and enlightening them on the Halloween event is the old school thought that this little orange ghost-shaped pumpkin will scare the evil spirits and command them to go back to hell or if the spirit is  pious it will help them traveling. You can get your tie printed with a lot of tiny or one large pumpkin to make your official dressing relatable with Halloween. 

Spirits on Black Ties 

The image that comes to our mind when we think of the spirits is a flying white sheet with 3 holes on it, considered as two eyes and one open mouth. This print would be more prominent if printed with black color on the background. A very good gift item for your loved one on the occasion of Halloween. 

Wild Cat Designs

Cats can be the cutest and the evil creature of God at the same time. the print of wild cats with a dead rat or a human bone in the mouth is the sign of their negative power during the Halloween season. Print the ties in wild cat designs with proper detailing like giving background where infinite rats are dead or other wild cats eating human bones too. 

Tie Storage Boxes

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The Mummy Ties

The mummy is one of the most popular scary yet interesting characters of our film and television industry. This is the reason why the majority of people at Halloween dressed as “the mummy” with the help of white tissue papers or cotton cloth pieces. You can use the length of your tie to show the proper and complete body of “the mummy” covered in white strips. 

Tie Storage Boxes

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Blood-shed Ties

As already stated that Halloween is the name of praising evil spirits and ghosts. But if you do not get time to go out on a Halloween party and take part in dressing up games then no worries. You can enjoy the Halloween concept and theme by purchasing the blood-shed printed ties from the market in the most alluring Tie Box Packaging and wear them with your casual suiting.

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