5 Things to Consider Before Buying Makeup

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All women adore makeup and most of them never leave their house without it almost every day. There are 5 things to consider before buying makeup and applying makeup not only makes them feel good but also boosts their confidence. Though a lot of women love doing their makeup buying and them are pretty good at it but not many of them know how to choose cruelty-free makeup or the right kind of makeup that’s good for them but don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list so each time you go shopping you know exactly what to choose and what to steer clear of.

1. Determine Your Skin Tone

Most of us are hooked to YouTube videos of makeup gurus trying and testing out makeup to tell us what’s a hit or a miss and of course, we trust their recommendations but what is important to note here is that our skin tone differs greatly from them.

Each one of us has a different skin tone so one thing that may look flattering on one skin shade might look absolutely ashy on the other. Before buying your makeup you need to determine what your skin tone is and what your undertone is. You can test this out by applying the foundation shade on your jaw and see how it looks net to your skin. Always try to get a shade that matches your skin or tone or maybe just one shade lighter so in case there is a slight difference, you can perfect it with a lighter concealer, contour or bronzer.

When you narrowed down your skin tone shade, then comes the undertone. Do you have a yellow undertone or a pink undertone? The best way to figure out your undertone is to look at your veins and see what hue they have. A purple or bluish hue means you’re cool-toned while a green hue means you’re more warm-toned. You can also check this out by determining which jewelry looks more flattering on you, silver or gold. Cool-toned people look great with silver and warm-toned people pull gold jewelry off the best.

2. Know Your Skin Type

Like our undertones, we all have different skin types. There are four types of skin types, sensitive, dry, oily and combination. In combination, you can be a mixture of dry and oily, oily and sensitive or dry and sensitive. Determining what skin type you have is important before you buy products because many products, based on their ingredients, will end up drying your skin out if you’re already dry or make you too oily and acne-prone.

If you’re not sure about what skin type you are and which ingredients you should stay away from then it might be a great idea to give your dermatologist a visit but as a rule, people with dry skin should stay away from more metrifying foundations and people with oily acne-prone skin should check the ingredients list for any coconut oil or harmful silicones.

3. Matching Products According To Complexion

There is a wide variety of skin tones out there. Whether you’re light, dark, medium or dark medium, picking the right shade really matters. Pro-tip is that if you can’t find one right shade, you can go ahead and buy two foundation shades and mix them up to customize your own color but only do that with foundations you know will suit your skin. Your skin color also matters when you’re buying different products like eyeshades, lipsticks, lip liners, and blushers.

A nude lipstick meant for a lighter skin tone will look totally horrific on a person with a darker skin tone. It is really important that all your products match your skin tone and if you are unsure, either ask a professional for help or search YouTube for recommendations meant for your skin type specifically.

Matching Makeup According To Complexion

4. Test It Out First

Testing your makeup before you swipe your credit card is highly recommended. You cannot judge the shade of the lipstick or the foundation just by looking at the bottle and hoping it will somehow match. You can wing it with lipsticks and lip liners but with foundations, powders, and bronzers it is highly recommended that you do a swatch test before.

Many people also make the mistake of testing the product on their hands or arms but all this does is trick you into buying the wrong shade. Place your hand or your arm next to your face and you will notice that both the tones are different so when you’re out shopping for the right foundation, blush or powder, swatch it on your cheek and jaw. Let it sit there for a minute to see if it oxidizes and changes color. Ask a friend or the professional at the counter and it all seems well, you’re good to go.

5. Reading Ingredients Lists And Instructions

Let’s just admit that the only time a lot of us have ever picked up product bottles to read, it’s when we’re in the bathroom and dying of boredom but the ingredient list is very important. It helps you determine which products would be well suited for your skin type because not all beauty products are the same. As the texture or properties of the products change so do their ingredients, always keep an eye out ingredients that could give you a reaction, dry you out or make your skin even more oily. Extra care should be taken especially when you are shopping for creams, primers and face serums.


To sum up, buying make up is really fun and with these simple steps, you can do it the right way. Always take your time in selecting the right products and keep your skin healthy or you can take advise the makeup Artists.

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