The Uncanny Thread: Men’s Skirt On Fashion Radar

grass skirt for men
It’s quite surprising how people think that some of the trends and outfits are solely meant for women. And no men can ever look as manly as they are in a women’s dress. Well, sure not everything that a woman wears is best suited for the man. But I with my personal experience have seen skirts for men. Although it sounds unusual, the trend is quite a hit in the Film Industry and models walking down the ramp.So what’s wrong in wearing a skirt? Just because men never wore them lately or they appear to be more feminine. But style is not always the same, style is about breaking the stereotype. Skirt for men has proved to be more comfortable and cooler in the summer. Moreover, the evolution of pants was way after centuries. Before that man was seen wearing skirts as a part of the royal uniform.

Sounds a little less weird right? I would recommend all the guys out there to give it a shot on wearing skirts, it’s just the matter of being comfortable in your own skin. Drool over some images to clear your perception about skirts style for men.


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