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The Ultimate Guide to Buy Your Fav Diamond Locket

Over the past few years, the purchase of diamonds by the Indian households has increased manifold. From a diamond locket to rings and necklaces, they are investing in all kinds of diamond jewellery.

And, why won’t they? After all, diamond is the most attractive and stunning natural gemstone known to this world. A simple pendant made of that exquisite stone can amplify a woman’s appearance. Also, it is an excellent investment option.

However, if you are planning to buy a diamond for any of the purposes mentioned above, then you’ve to do it right. So, here is a comprehensive guide for you to buy that perfect diamond pendant.

Learning the 4Cs and other features of a diamond

The most significant characteristic that you need to understand to buy a diamond is its 4Cs – cut, colour, carat weight, and clarity.

Let’s apprehend these 4Cs before moving on to its other features.

1) Cut

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The diamond cuts have paramount effects on the stone’s sparks. These cuts can be classified in four categories – excellent, very good, good, and fair and poor. Higher the grade better the light reflection and costlier to buy.

The fanciest cut of a diamond locket possesses 58 accurately angled flat planes called facets. Their placements ultimately determine the brilliance and beauty of that gorgeous jewellery piece.

2) Colour

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The colour of a diamond regulates its price largely. The quantity of yellow in that stone is what you need to look for. However, it can also be grey or brown; sometimes you can see all the three colours present in it.

Nonetheless, women mostly desire colourless diamonds. That’s because the sparkle and vivacity are more in them. Additionally, these come in higher price ranges in comparison to dark yellowish ones.

Numerous other diamond colours are also available. Some of them are green, yellow, pink, blue, orange, and red. These are extremely rare and valuable gemstones.

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3) Carat weight

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The standard measurement unit of a diamond’s weight is called the carat weight. One-fifth gram or 0.007 ounce equals one carat. That is, one gram comprises 5 carats, and one ounce has 142 carats.

The value and carat weight of a diamond is directly proportional. As its weight increases, the rarity and price also increase by a significant amount. Therefore, take into account the weight before buying a diamond.

4) Clarity

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This factor helps in determining the spark of your jewellery. More inclusion of substances during its manufacturing process diminishes sparkle and affects its price as well.

Thus, you’ve to understand that if two diamond ornaments weigh the same, it doesn’t imply that they will have the same price. Different grades concerning its clarity will determine the value of a diamond locket.

Other than these 4Cs, numerous other determining factors are there to consider before buying a diamond. The most important among them is a certification that the manufacturers provide to establish trust and authenticity of that product. Therefore, that certificate includes the girdle’s serial number, diamond quality, weight, clarity, colour, and all other essential things.

So, endure you do not falter on these elements while choosing that perfect diamond jewellery for loved ones or yourself.