Stylish College Bags for Girls and Boys

You’re about start your College life?? Cool !! You have bought new outfits and sneakers and heels.. Very well !! But everything will go wrong if your backpack doesn’t match you. Here are some college bags for Girls and Boys.

Skull Backpack


The one thing is backpack screams is BADASS !!! A Big Skull for the boys who are a lone wolf and want to try something new and different.

Trippy Cat


For the girls who Loves cat this bag is must have a piece. This cute kitty tote bag itself is a style statement.  All your friends will meow over this.These are especially the college bags for girls.

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Suede backpack


Made from faux leather and suede this bag surely is one of its kind. This is for the boys who are always on the GO! Laptop compartment and enough space to fill an elephant. LOL (Not really..JK)

For Aztec Lovers


Aztec prints are nothing but Awwwesome !! But Don’t think is all just looks, it functional too. It comes with two pockets to put small things.

Messenger Bag


The boys who defy the trend and follow their own instinct messenger bag is one such thing. Create a style statement and inspire others, create your own fashion.

Pastel Perfect


This bright bag pack is purely a keeper. Make an investment this season and Buy this quality piece. This bag is everything a girl can ask for.

Otaku bag


Those who love Anime must have this backpack. Show the world your love of Anime. Be a proud fanboy. SUGOI…..



Animal prints for the classy chic look, stylish yet elegant. Get the best of both worlds with animal print backpacks. One bag for all your casual outgoings.

News Bag


News bag another messenger bag but more traditional. Not so funky yet defines more masculinity and style savvy than an ordinary usual messenger bag.

Slogan printed bags


Live the moment! For young, energetic, girls. Convey your thoughts, your vibe. This is for those who are not afraid to express themselves. BE BOLD, BE YOURSELF. Slogan bags are the college bags for boys, as boys like to have bags with all kinds of slogans on it.