Top Style Trends to Try This Season – Inside the Creative Mind of Yasmine Quachar

style trends

Though it has been a different year, the fashion world doesn’t stop or sleep. From Paris to Milan, the top fashion weeks have presented a great variety of fashion wear to be worn this year. These inspirational style trends can’t  ignore.

Though there is no fun in watching these fashion shows at home while fighting the pandemic, these looks inspire us to be alive and love ourselves. We sat down with fashion expert and stylist Yasmine Quachar to discuss the best styles that have rocked and are a must try for everyone!

In a phone interview, Yasmine Quachar gave some great insight and ideas to try this season. “Yasmine, where is your fashion focus at these days? What specific things are you drawn to and focus on when putting together an outfit?”

Pastel Tones

Pastel tones have made their place in the fashion world this year as well. These are the perfect color choices for summer wear and more importantly, they complement every skin tone.

This is to remain as one of the chicest styles this year and it won’t leave its charm any time soon. Whether you choose to wear a suit in cool mint or a coat in lavender, you will be left astonished by the look it creates. Try them yourself and you will fall in love with these colors.


style trends

Sustainability is also among the most important topics of fashion this year. Many big and luxurious brands have vouched for using upcycled materials for making their production responsible.

Even Marine Serre has introduced their biodegradable nylon pieces that can be worn with the collection that you might have at home. Prada, Ferragamo, Maison Margiela, and brands like Balenciaga are also making their production responsible this year and this is what is on the preference for everyone.

Sweater Vests

style trends

If you look at the spring collection of Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Sea, you will a vast variety of attractive and elegant sweater vests that have rocked this year’s fashion walks.

This spring is all about these sweater vests that seem like a forgotten tradition but it has been revive again and now it is among the style of the bestseller.

As far the styling is concern, you can wear more sweaters, get an oversized tee underneath it, and add a skirt if you like. When it comes to layering, there are plenty of options in your wardrobe.

Head Scarfs

This sleek fashion trend is making its way from the 50s and 60s to 2021. Whether it is about protecting hair or giving an extra elegant touch to your dress, headscarves are the best solution.

You have plenty of options to choose from silk fabric to intricate patterns, or you simply keep it in plain bold colors.

Depending upon your dress, you can wrap up this scarf with a knot under your chin, leave it dangling with your back or you can simply leave it hanging behind your head. Try the headscarves and you will love the finished look.

Dangling Bags

One of the biggest trends that are observing this year is the fringing bags. When you want to make a statement, let your handbag do it. Whether you leave its tassels hang close to the fabric, or leave it loose so that it almost hits the floor, you will be feeling chic with this style.

There is a style, fabric, and design for every season, and you can rock in every type of dress with these bags. If you want to feel classic, you can choose dark hues like brown or black, or if you want to be unique, you can choose red or green.

If you are ready to add something very stylish to your outfit, this is the perfect pick for you.

Bold Shoulders

style trends

Everywhere we are seeing bold shoulders silhouettes this year. This is the style that surely makes a hell of a statement and adds a strong element to your personality. These are the must-to-keep type of outfits in your wardrobe this year.

If you want to balance the bold shoulders shape, you can add a slim trouser or a cinched waist trouser with it. It’s all about giving the perfect look to your body while taking care of the proportions as well. Add it to your wish list already.

It’s time to add things to your wardrobe according to the latest 2021 style trends that have been complemented by the great models and being introduced by luxurious brands. Get your hands on these fashion styles right away to make a statement.

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