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Style Lessons We Can Learn from the Cannes Film Festival

French Riviera, talented celebrities and fashion – the Cannes Film Festival was, as it always is, a unique, trendy experience. It’s an endless catwalk of fabulousness pouring out from all around, and it’s a joy to watch, regardless of whether you’re a movie enthusiast or not. Beautiful people gathering up in France to show off their styling skills? Sign us right up for that! But it’s not only for the sake of our viewing pleasure that we love this festival. It can also be a great learning experience, it can show you new ways to wear fashion, how to stand out from the crowd and be recognized as a styling expert. There are plenty of things you can pick up and incorporate into your own everyday fashion, so here’s what we learned.

Be Cate Blanchett

Cannes Film Festival

Do people come to these events to even look at anyone else? Things are sometimes boring until Cate arrives – step aside basic celebs, the queen has arrived! If you want to know style, then follow Cate Blanchett. She rarely makes a wrong step in her fashion, and this year, every single thing she wore was breathtaking, from her ultra fun rainbow skirt, to an array of stunning gowns she wore for each event. Seriously, if you need a fashion role model, Cate is one of the best ones to follow in case you crave that sophisticated, feminine elegance.

Strike a Pose

Cannes Film Festival

From what we’ve seen on the Festival, the only way to really wear a gown is to adopt an attitude to go with it. It’s not something you can wear with hunched shoulders and a shy face – a gown is your chance to feel like a goddess. From Lupita Nyong’o and her princess fantasy in Prada, to incredible beauty of Diane Kruger in Armani, to once again Cate, who stole the show in her Mary Katrantzou gown. If you really take a look at them, you see that a big part of their fashion is simply giving that little knowing smile that says “I know I look better than anyone here” and wearing their couture as comfortably as they would athleisure.

Casual and Elegant at the Same Time

Cannes Film Festival

Gowns definitely weren’t the only fashion trend at the Cannes Film Festival. In between all the glam and the pomp, the celebrities embraced the casual style in light, breeze wardrobe for their streetwear. Dresses were all around, and we loved the simple cuts and cute prints that made every outfit look effortless. That’s another thing you should know – if you’re not sure what to wear, wear a dress, because pretty dresses are a quick and easy way to look very polished. Even if you’re just picking out something casual for a brunch with your friends, find a summery maxi dress or something with a nice floral print and you’ll immediately look delicately feminine and sweet.

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Edgy Street Wear and Laidback Athleisure

Cannes Film Festival

No one really does edgy street wear as well as Kristen Stewart does. Seen often in simple washed out denim and plain black tees, she styles up her outfit with minimal metallic jewelry and usually a cool pair of black shoes. Of course, the street wear portion of the Festival definitely had a lot of variety to it, and we also like how the Hadid sisters kept rocking their athleisure like no one else. They really do it better than anyone. The thing with both of these fashion directions is that they work best when kept minimalist and unfussy. You should never over-accessorize and the best piece to pick to style it up would be a good pair of sunglasses.

You Really Need a Pantsuit

From Jane Fabulous Fonda, to Kirsten Stewart, to Lea Seydoux, to Cate Blanchett (can you tell we’re fans of her?) we’ve seen so many pantsuits that we kind of can’t wait to go shopping. It’s the perfect fashion piece that’s no longer appropriate just for the office, but as a style statement that speaks of elegance and feminine power. Something in a pastel color could be the perfect choice for this season, and as long as you pair it with a kickin’ pair of shoes you’ll feel like a feminist rock star that came to slay the game.

These big fashion events sound like they might be a little exhausting for the celebrities themselves, but for us, they’re a great chance to look at pretty fashion and enjoy ourselves. Take a look at everything the Festival had to offer and steal a few styling ideas to make yourself happy.

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