Some Of The Best Mehandi Designs For Full Hand That You Need To Check

mehandi design full hand

Mehandi has a very important as well as special place in Indian weddings and in many other countries people use mehandi just make hands look beautiful. Mehandi are prepared by grinding mehandi leaves and when it dries out it leaves a beautiful dark maroon color with a brown hint.

Mehandi designs are said to be ritually good and it is also considered auspicious in many cultures. If you are wondering about mehandi designs then here are some of the best mehandi design full hand which are meant for weddings or any similar occasion. Flowery design: this is one of the most common as well as beautiful design for mehandi that you can check out.

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Here you would notice that the complete hand would be covered by small as well as big flowers. Usually a big flower is drawn at the middle of the palm and all the other small flowers are drawn around it and you would also see some leafy designs on the back of the hands as well as on the fingers.

Peacock design: this design is kind of hard to achieve but once done it looks absolutely stunning on hands. Here you would notice that either bunch of peacock feather is drawn in the middle of the hand or you can even have peacock head on the middle of the palm. Followed by the middle design of the hand you can have so leafy design all over the hands as well as on the fingers.

You can keep things minimal here just to highlight the beauty of the peacock design. Name design: this particular addition is any mehandi design looks absolutely romantic and it is in trend as well. All you need to do it draw the name of your groom on the middle of the hand and draw small flowery patter all around the name. These were few of the best mehandi design full hand that you need to check out and can try on your hand as well.

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