Some Of The Best As Well As Easiest Up-Dos For Long Hair

easy updos for long hair

Do you have long hairs and you often get short of hair styles and end up having your hairs opened or in just one simple pony tail?

Here are few of the easy updos for long hair that you need to check and all of these hairstyles are super easy so anyone can do this and the best part about these hair styles are that they can be achieved in just five minutes so if you are a busy working lady then these hairstyles are something you need to know.

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Side braid: this braid is just that normal braid that we often have but with a simple twist. All you need you do is side part your hair and start braiding after combing all the hairs in one particular direction.

You don’t have to be perfect while doing this hairstyle as this hair style look stunning if done in a messy way. Secure your braid with a hair tie and you are good to go, you can also take out some hairs from front section just to make the hair style more flattering and feminine. Messy top nut: top nuts are in trend nowadays and if you are having long gorgeous hair then achieving top nut would be easier for you.

All you need to do is comb your hairs and tie a high ponytail and then start twisting the length of your hair and then roll it to form a bun and secure your bun with lots of bonny bin. You don’t need to be précised while doing this hairstyle as this hair style is meant to be messy. Take out some hair strands from section of your hair to make the hair up-do look gorgeous on you. These were few of the best as well as easy updos for long hair that you can check out and try as well.

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