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Top 12 Royal Fashion Rules: Interesting Facts

Being in a royal family is all exciting and the one who gets the chance to be in the royal family as a family member is more than blessed for sure. the one who gets in the royal family gets lots of facilities as well as privileges as well but being a part of the royal family is not that easy as well because that comes with lots of rules and regulations that have to be maintained by the family members and you would be shocked to know that royal family fashion is different from others and they have to maintain lots of things when it comes to fashion which can be hectic for sure. Are you wondering about some of the Royal Family Fashion rules? If yes then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out for sure to know the royal family a little bit more:

The Bag Has To Be Held By The Left Hand:

 Royal Fashion

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Handbag or purse is something very important and people literally cannot step out without either of one and in people belonging to royal family necessarily keep their bag with them as they face lots of meets and meetups throughout the day. now you would be amazed to know that people belonging to royal family have a tradition to hold their purse or handbag in their left hand the reason behind this is simply so that they could greet others, shake hand or wave with their right hand and this makes sense and this is something which is not very odd for sure. You would often notice royal ladies with their handbag on their left hand and now it is clear why they do this.

Queen Elizabeth Loves Dresses As Well As Skirts Rather Than Pants And All:

 Royal Fashion

Meghan is more like wearing pant and trousers and you may have spotted her in different events wearing pantsuits but now that she is a member of the royal family she has gradually decreased wearing pants and have moved to skirts and dresses as that look more royal though she still wears pants at times and Prince Harry never forced her to ditch that which is a great thing at least for her but for other royal girls this might not be the case and they usually get seen in dresses or in skirts which is quite elegant and not that outdated as well because at the end they are a royal family member which matters a lot.

The Wedding Dress Has To Be Approved By The Queen Before Getting Selected:

 Royal Fashion

The one who is going to be a part of the royal family or the one who is already a member of the royal family cannot just wear anything that they want in the wedding rather their dress needs to be sober enough to impress the queen as without the queen’s approval the dress cannot be worn even if the dressed impressed the one who is going to wear that dress. It is a tradition that is been going on since ancient times and even now it is going on without a bit change. Even the dress that Meghan Wore In Her Wedding With Prince Harry has been approved by the queen.

Colorful Nail Colors Are Not Allowed In The Royal Family:

 Royal Fashion

If you have ever noticed Queen Elizabeth or even Kate Middleton ever then you might have noticed that they always step out with neutral nail paints and they never wear colors on their nails. Neutral tones or gel polishes are only allowed for royal people and they are simply not allowed to wear any colorful nail paints on their nails moreover colorful nails are not allowed in any royal meetings or get-togethers as well. clear nail enamel or nudes are only allowed for them though no one really knows if they wear colorful nail polish or not while they come out they always appear with neutral nails. This tradition is been followed through a long period of time and no one really knows the reason behind this rule but neutrals look classy for sure.

Not Everyone Who Belongs To A Royal Family Can Wear A Tiara:

 Royal Fashion

Tiara is something that is too royal and beautiful at the same time but the Royals cannot wear it whenever they want to moreover not everyone can wear a tiara in the royal family. Tiaras get passed from one generation to another and it is like a blessing for them and also defines their dignity as well as beauty at the same time. A girl who is not married or even a kid cannot wear a tiara in the royal family and only married women can wear it and women wear a tiara for the first time on the day of their wedding. Tiara cannot be worn on ordinary days or place rather it is meant for special royal occasions only and Kate Middleton wore Queen Elizabeth’s tiara for the first time on the day of her wedding.

The Handbag That The Queen Carries Often Gets Used By The Queen For Sending Secret Messages:

 Royal Fashion

You may not ever have seen any lady who is from a royal family without her handbag and having a handbag is very important for them as they use it to send signals. There are many ways that they use the bag to send signal such as if a queen wants to leave without dinner then she would simply stand up and put per bag on the table and it is the signal that everyone should understand that the queen is about to leave and now it is time to end the party or the party can get end anytime soon. At times when queens get trapped into any conversation that they want to avoid then they simply move the handbag from one hand to another and if she does so then it is the signal for the one talking with her to stop immediately and there are many more signals as well.

Clutches Are Often Used For More Purposes Than Keeping Money Such As For Hiding Cleavages:

 Royal Fashion

Showing cleavage is not the most royal thing for the royal ladies rather it is kind of a disrespect for them but due change in fashion ladies do wear a lot of dresses which may expose cleavage so on those times royal ladies use their clutches to hide their cleavage in a way that no one might not even guess. Clutches are also called as cleavage bag for the royal ladies and they get it designed by designers especially just the way they want. Generally, the clutch or cleavage bag needs to be medium size not so small or not so big rather it should be in a perfect size which would be able to hide the cleavage completely. Princess Diana often just holds her cleavage bag right next to her cleavage while sitting or getting down from car so that no one could take pictures of her cleavage. The royal ladies do the trick often without making anyone understand about the trick as now as you also know this so you can also use this trick as it is quite helpful.

Clutches For Avoiding Shaking Hands:



A royal lady attends a lot of events when she greets with so many people and she might not want to shake hands with everyone in the event and saying no on the face is quite rude so on those time they hold the clutch with both of their hands and this is the signal that she is not willing to go on for another handshake anymore. Many royal ladies have been spotted doing this many times and now the reason behind it is quite clear to us. Meghan usually carries clutches with straps or slings but on those awkward moments when she tries to escape any handshake, she simply holds the clutch with her both hands. This is the reason that most of the royal ladies prefer to carry a clutch even if they are having their handbag along with them and this helps them escape the situation without being rude to anyone in the event.

The Queen Often Gets Spotted In A Bright Lover And The Reason Is Beyond Her Love For The Bright Color:

 Royal Fashion

If you think that queen wears bright as well as bold colors for her then you are wrong and queen always thinks about her kingdom first and that is the reason that she always ends up wearing a bold colored dress so that people could at least get a glimpse of her. Spotting a queen is a big thing for everyone and if the queen would wear regular kind of dresses then people may not be able to get her glimpse that easily but on the other hand if she would be wearing a very bold as well as bright color then no matter what but people would be able to see her or spot her easily even if she is covered with crowd. This is the reason that queen always try her best to wear the brightest shade and this is a fact for every royal lady and the reason behind it is very positive as well as thoughtful for sure. A Royal Blue Dress is something that they mostly wear in very formal events otherwise they are more into colors.

The Hat Tradition Is Real For The Ladies Of The Royal Family:

 Royal Fashion

You might have spotted Queen Elizabeth in a hat and even Meghan wears a hat nowadays and she looks absolutely stunning and elegant in a hat and the tradition of wearing a hat is on since a very long time and even now queens or ladies of royal family obey the tradition. Queen wears different dress for different occasion or event and every time she gets her hat designed as well which would be matching with her outfit and the color of the hat needs to be similar to that of the color of the outfit and also you might see some detailing on the hat as well which looks so beautiful. The reason behind this fashion is that in ancient times there was believe that women need to get their hairs covered while they step out of the house. Back then the tradition was strict but as times passes things have started to change and now queen only wears the hat in very formal events or occasions only.

Royal Ladies Always Have To Keep Black Outfit Handy When They Travel:

 Royal Fashion

There is a very harsh reason behind this tradition of having black outfit handy. Now you never know when a dear one dies and you have to go to see them and the same thing is with royal ladies as well and it is their tradition that they have to arrive in a black dress to see a dead person and without wearing the black they would not be allowed to see that dead person. Back then when Queen Elizabeth’s father died she was in Kenya and she didn’t had any black dress with her so she had to wait inside the plan for some 1 or two hours to get her black outfit delivered in the plain and after wearing that she could step out so it is always suggested to the royal ladies to carry the black outfit always with them no matter where they travel to because death doesn’t come after taking permission.

The Queen Always Wears Shoes After They Are Comfortable:

 Royal Fashion

Now, this is kind of a weird tradition but it is a true thing and the reason behind this is justified as well. Here you would be amazed to know that the queen gets her shoes worn by others before wearing them. The duty of a queen is not a matter of words and she has to travel a lot and be present in lots and lots of events at the same time so her shoes need to be new for every event but wearing new shoes can cause many problems such as blister, rashes and many more so queen always gets someone to wear her shoes and make them comfortable so that she doesn’t have to bear any trouble because a queen can never say that she is uncomfortable or can’t walk anymore.

These were few of the Royal Fashion rules that the queen or any royal family member have to follow and to know more such interesting facts you can browse through Fashionterest.