Reasons to Include Serums in Your Daily Skin Routine

Serums in Daily Skin Routine

Skin and hair’s health reflects a person’s overall health. With the passage of age, skin and hair lose its inherent quality, but with proper nourishment, they stay healthy for a longer time. In today’s world, people now realize the importance of nourishment of them and hence are seen taken measure for it. They do not hesitate in spending money on quality products and often visit a salon to seek experts’ advice on how they can be more cautious about it.

A lot of beauty treatments and products are in the market that helps people in nourishing their skin and hair. Some of the products are easy to use at home. Serum includes in that category. The serum is a gel-like product which has a think lotion-like consistency and contains vitamin C and E and glycerin. The serum is recommended to include in daily skincare routine as it helps in tightening the pores of the face.

Serums are used before application of moisturizer or treatments mask. Serums have some active ingredients that have the strength of transforming one’s skin in a few days. Some beauticians have named serum as plastic surgery in a bottle. They say that regular and appropriate use of serum can give you the effects of plastic surgery that too sans pain and without breaking your bank. Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum is one such serum that has amazing effects that start showing results in few days. Few reasons why serums should be included in daily skincare routine are listed below

Fewer Breakouts

Moisturizer is an integral part of skincare; however, some moisturizer leaves a pore-blocking layer on the skin. This layer causes breakouts and the face becomes more prone to acne. Some serums do not even have oil in them. Instead, they have water-based consistency. Since serums are very light, they get absorbed much quicker and do not leave any residue on the skin.

Serums in Daily Skin Routine

Prevent Wrinkles

Serums contain vitamins and topical antioxidants, which help in making the skin even. Dermatologists and beauticians advise serums to be used as a layer underneath a moisturizer. It acts as a targeted treatment for wrinkles as well as redness and pigmentation. Serums help in lightening ageing spots and is good for overall ageing too.

Less Oily Complexion

Moisturizer tends to make a face appear oily, and a tone darker. Serums light consistency do not leave the face in any other shade other than natural. If the skin gets oily, the first reaction is to avoid moisturizing, which in turn is not beneficial for the skin. In these cases, it is better only to use a serum and avoid moisturizer. However, it should not be for very long because the skin of all kinds need moisturizer.

Hydrated Skin

Nobody likes to have a dehydrated face and dehydration instantly leaves its effects. A dehydrated face looks dull and sleep-deprived. The cure is to keep oneself hydrated, but if for some reason you are unable to do so, serums come in handy. They give an instant glow to the face and make it appear shinier and brighter.


Serums work effectively on skin and while some serums are expensive but they last for a long time. When we compare the price of serums with other skincare products, we will realize that serums are much cheaper than other skincare products. Since serums work as a moisturizer for people with oily skin, they will not have to spend money on moisturizer. All you need to do is to find a perfect serum that aligns with your skin tone.


Unlike many other skincare products, serums do not take forever to show results; preferably in a few days, your face starts glowing and dark spots are reduced. The key here is consistency, as skincare regime demands consistency from consumer’s part to produce results. One thing beauticians and dermatologists swear by is that serums always work.

No Fillers

People with dark spots, open pores and oily skin tend to apply fillers to have clear skin. Serums give all that, and no filler is needed. Most of the moisturizers and cleansers contain about 5 to 10 per cent of the active ingredient, whereas serums contain around 70 per cent of them. This ensures that with serums, you will get your desired results to be it even skin tone, getting rid of a dark spot or reducing fine lines.

Serums in Daily Skin Routine


Serums are not a very popular skincare product, and many people do not understand the importance of it. One of the reasons is that people confuse serums with moisturizer and think that if they are applying a coat of moisturizer, serums will not be necessary. However, serums are as vital as a moisturizer, and together they give perfect results in fewer days. Some beauticians claim that daily use of serums will start showing result in seven to fourteen days, and once you start using them, there will be no going back.

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