Explore the Post-Lockdown Looks

Post-Lockdown Looks

After months of staying at home, sporting pajamas and loungewear, making a fashion statement is more important than ever before. Despite this desire to look incredible, it can often be expensive to find unique styles, yet boring to buy the high street brands that everyone else is wearing. Thankfully, Lulu Bella has offered the perfect solution as an independent business, providing chic, affordable, and original clothing. Here are some post-lockdown looks that gives a comfortable look.

Coats and Jackets

Coats and Jackets outfit for Post-Lockdown Looks

As we approach the Autumn months, a jacket or coat is a vital staple of any outfit. However, such outerwear should not only provide warmth but also act as a stylish component of an elaborate ensemble.

Lulu Bella delivers anything from cardigans to faux fur coats in a variety of cuts and colors. There is something for everyone for any time of year, whether it be a summery denim jacket or a toasty woolen coat.


Another category of Lulu Bella’s clothing is “Curvylicious”; a range to complement and flatter feminine curves. When developing “curve” ranges, it can be easy to rely on bagginess, in order to drown out any shape.

However, Lulu Bella creates garments that enhance curves, as opposed to masking them – they seamlessly tread the balance between oversized and fitted attire. It is so important to know which clothes flatter your body shape, regardless of your dress size and this brand offers a helping hand.


Dresses Outfit ideas

Of course, no women’s clothing brand would be complete without an assortment of dresses, and Lulu Bella certainly delivers this. With anything from tunics to maxi dresses, these day dresses look effortlessly comfortable whilst maintaining undeniable style.

Their simplistic cuts and shapes are complemented by elaborately patterned fabrics, ranging from animal prints to boho embellishments. Each dress is uniquely bold and would certainly attract admiration from onlookers. If you are looking to mix up your wardrobe, prints and patterns are a great way to experiment with your look.


Despite dresses being essential to any women’s clothing brand, they are not for everyone, in this case, jumpsuits are the ideal alternative. This is because jumpsuits allow you to tread the balance between dress and trousers and may even assist you in the transition to wearing dresses.

Like Lulu Bella’s dresses, their jumpsuits project a boho vibe, with floral prints and bold shapes. Additionally, the jumpsuit is an extremely versatile garment; when paired with sandals, it’s the perfect daytime outfit. However, when matched with heels, a statement necklace, and a stylish clutch bag, you are sorted for a night on the town.


Loungewear ides for Post-Lockdown Looks

Loungewear – the category of clothing that everyone has seen enough of for the past year. Regardless, we all need something comfortable to relax in on those lazy Sundays, and Lulu Bella proves that cozy does not have to equate to dull.

Their vibrant colors are sure to uplift your spirits, even on those less eventful days, since, as we all know, when you look good, you feel good. As well as exciting colors, there are Lulu Bella’s signature prints and familiar characters from the likes of Disney and Harry Potter. Lulu Bella ensures looking stylish even as you lounge.


We have all heard of the dreaded notion of “jeans and a nice top”, wherein we never know what the criteria are for that “nice top”. Lulu Bella has responded with a range of tops that are pretty and flattering to all shapes. They are undeniably sophisticated and certainly qualify as that “nice top” that you have been searching for to go with those jeans.

As well as these, there are effortlessly cool and comfortable jumpers and T-shirts for those more casual events. In true Lulu Bella style, every occasion, season, and style is well and truly catered for.

Trousers and Leggings

Trousers and Leggings Outfit

It can be very easy to neglect the bottom half of your outfit by throwing on some standard jeans and calling it a day. However, Lulu Bella provides jeans with subtle details that enhance their contribution to the entire ensemble, as the smallest feature can tie an outfit together.

In addition to jeans, there is an assortment of fashionable leggings and comfortable joggers, maintaining this great selection of choices. If you believe that leggings are for only exercising and lounging, then this brand will prove you wrong with their chic and sophisticated selection.


Ultimately, if you are looking for a unique, independent fashion brand to uplift your post-lockdown wardrobe, Lulu Bella is the perfect candidate. Fashionable, affordable, unique, and comfortable – you cannot ask much more about a clothing range.

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