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5 Ways To Choose The Perfect Jewellery That Matches Your Outfit

If you’re someone who gets confused or doesn’t have any idea about deciding the perfect set of jewelry that can go along with your outfit then this article is for you. Your jewelry can actually change your entire look but that can happen only if it matches your outfit. Read the following 5 ways to know how to choose the perfect jewelry.

1) Choose Cool Colours For Summer Attires

In summers, you might go for floral patterns and light colors that kind of look very refreshing and pleasant to the eyes. For such attires, it’s better to choose jewelry with cool colors like blue topaz gemstones. You can wear something that’s inspired by nature and look absolutely stunning!

2) Gold And silver jewelry

If you’re planning to wear something dark-colored like a bright red kurta or gown, go for gold jewelry. Gold looks best on dark colors and also makes you look like a goddess! Never try to match the color of your jewelry with that of your outfit. For light-colored outfits, silver jewelry would be perfect. Silver will give you a calm and attractive look. It’s always advisable to go for contrasting colors but you never know so try experimenting yourself.

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3) Choose Based On The Occasion

When you’re planning to attend a wedding ceremony, you would definitely go for heavy and colorful attires so make sure your jewelry compliments not only your attire but also the occasion. It’s fine to wear something heavy as long as it suits your personality when you’re attending a wedding ceremony. But you can’t wear something like that while going to your office or while attending any business meeting. Right! You should always consider where you’ll be going because it’s all about how comfortable you feel. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if your bangles or anklets make noise in a business meeting.

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4) Make Sure You Wear The Right Amount

Nobody wants to look like a joker by going overboard with jewelry. Isn’t it? But some people do that unknowingly and make a mess of everything, becoming a laughing stock! A diamond necklace will be enough to go with your gown if you’re planning to attend an evening party. You can keep your earrings and bracelet simple if you wish to wear. Chokers will look amazing if you’re wearing an off-shoulder outfit but do remember the mantra, wear just the right amount.

5) Wedding Dress Jewellery

You might find it difficult to decide what to wear on special occasions like your wedding but there’s no perfect rule here! You can go for customized jewelry based on your wedding outfit and focus on highlighting your features. According to our culture, it’s difficult to keep everything simple but you can still try it by wearing the perfect set of jewelry.

Follow these 5 tips while choosing your jewelry to rock with any kind of outfit and shop online from Nirwaana for beautiful collections of modern and classy jewelry!