Get Your Mom Pearls For Mother’s Day

Pearls For Mother's Day

In case you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. While the last-minute dash to the grocery store for flowers is standard operating procedure for a lot of people out there, this year consider stepping things up a notch. Mom deserves something nicer than a limp bouquet, and pearls are the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate how much she’s done for you over the years. If the fact that she gave you life isn’t enough of a justification, read on for five more reasons why you should get your mom pearls for Mother’s Day.

Pearls Are Always in Fashion

Unlike things like clothes, shoes and handbags, pearls are a classic that never go out of style. Their understated elegance and graceful beauty make them a perennial favorite. One of the reasons for pearls’ eternal popularity is that they go with absolutely everything. Their unique iridescent glow flatters every skin tone and pairs perfectly with every outfit, from the fanciest evening gown to the most casual ensemble. Mom will never have to wonder if it’s okay to wear pearls: the answer will always be Yes.

A woman wearing a white pearls necklace

Pearls Can Last a Lifetime

While probably just about everyone owns some kind of pearl costume jewelry, it’s for the here and now, not meant to last. But real pearls are the real deal, and with some basic cleaning and attention, they’ll be beautiful for years to come. Mom will be able to enjoy them for her entire life, and best of all, she’ll be reminded of your each and every time she wears them.

Pearls Can Become an Heirloom

Pearls can not only last for Mom’s lifetime, but several more. The oldest pearls in the world date back thousands of years. Properly kept, pearls will last for decades, which means they can be handed down to the next generation — and even the one after that. Pearls make a lovely legacy your mom will be proud to pass on.

Pearls Can Become an Heirloom

Pearls Make a Smart Investment

Pearls make a great gift because they are not only beautiful but valuable. So long as they are cared for, pearls tend to increase in value over time. It’s always a smart idea to have an emergency fund tucked away just in case, and pearls offer a beautiful way to not just have a rainy-day asset but also enjoy it.

Pearls Are a Surefire Hit

The rich and powerful have coveted pearls since their discovery in ancient times for good reason. Their extraordinary luminescence is what first drew humans to these natural gems and this motivation holds true today as well: the unique beauty and mystique of pearls appeal to virtually everyone. While each woman has her own particular taste in jewelry, pearls are always a safe bet.

Pearls Are a Surefire Hit

If you need an extra nudge to ditch the daisies, here’s one: Did you know recent surveys show that moms don’t want flowers for Mother’s Day, and they don’t especially want to eat out either. Although they’ll never complain about whatever gift you decide to give them, most moms would really like some bling. So there you have it. Give mom what she really wants this year: a beautiful, classic, wearable expression of your love that will last for years to come. You can’t go wrong and she’s going to love it!

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