makeup mistakes to avoid

Mistakes we need to Avoid While Doing Makeup

Even if one believes to master the art of makeup, no one is immune to a make-up misstep. So to avoid mistakes when you wear makeup eyes, complexion or mouth, Cosmo plays coaches and reveals common makeup mistakes that you should never commit while doing make on daily basis. Top of below all the mistakes, here you need to remember that you always need to follow the buyers trend of the market. What tools people are using now days in makeup and how they do makeup on specific occasions or on daily basis in their routine matters?  

Eye makeup errors

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  • Put too much mascara

Few people go soft with mascara. And the problem when you have your hand too heavy on mascara is that instead of ending up with an elegant eye makeup effect ”  doe eye “, we are usually found with a leaded look, and eyelashes that look more like fly legs than anything else.

  • Turn your smoky-eyes into “panda eyes”

A smoky beautifully made, it’s always the effect. On the other hand, when it is too spread out, too pronounced, then there is the effect of assured panda eyes.

  • Put on flashy eye shadow

Unless you’re a Barbie girl (in a Barbie World), we forget to associate her pink eye shadow with her sneakers! In short: we must definitely ban pastel or color-block eye shadows that give a cheesy effect.

Makeup errors of the complexion

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  • Choosing a foundation too dark

We keep repeating: the choice of the foundation is essential in the routine make-up. And when you have to buy a foundation and you are afraid of deceiving you, our advice is rather to bet on a hue a tone below yours, just to not end up with a horrible orange tan, a thousand miles away from the effect you were looking for.

  • Put too much blush

Yes, have a rosy effect on the cheeks, it’s pretty. Provided you do not overdo it. A little blush touching the cheekbones with a brush and hop, we get a good-looking effect. No need to force the dose and end up in “Russian doll fashion matryoshka” mode.

  • Choosing a concealer too bright

Unlike foundation that is better to choose lighter than its complexion, the concealer , it should not be too clear in relation to the color of your skin, otherwise increase the dark circles and do not illuminate the look.  

So choose a concealer that is at most a half hue lighter than your skin. And even.

Make-up mistakes of the mouth

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  • Too much makeup his eyes AND his mouth

That’s a bit of a base. Between the eye makeup and makeup mouth: he must choose. Because there is nothing less than a mega flashy red mouth and a purple smoky, all on the same face, it will imperatively lighten one of the two to focus only on your eyes OR only on your lips.

  • Put a lipstick of a different color from his lipstick

Unless we stayed in the 1990s, today we can no longer afford to use lip pencil darker than red!

So we think to buy a pencil lip contour adapted to the grape of its red, for a melted effect neither seen nor known, and which will ensure a good performance to your lipstick.

  • Put lip balm before its red

To think that a stick will help to “cure” chapped lips is a mistake. A lip balm is fat. Result, when one comes to apply over the balm, lipstick, it gives you a thousand: it does not hold!

So if you want to moisturize your mouth before putting on makeup, do it 30 minutes before, so that the pigments cling and hold longer.

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And above all … The ultimate make-up mistake

  • Do not remove makeup before going to bed

This is one of the most important makeupistas commands. Even if it is late and you come home a bit drunk with a party, you should never, ever, ever forget about the make-up step.