Top 10 Best Dressed Celebs Of Met Gala Fashion 2019 Event

Met Gala 2019

Met gala 2019 just took place and we cannot tell you how exciting it was to spot celebs in their attire and like every year even this year they followed a theme was the camp theme and celebs went on a crazy transformation for the event and we spotted too many beauty bombs walking the red carpet in the best outfit though there were some not so good outfit as well but as always the best thing should be first so we kept our eyes on the most gorgeous dressed ladies of the event.

Now the fact cannot be denied that celebrities wait for the whole year to present or dress up their best for the met gala event and this time like always they were bound in a theme so they cannot actually wear what so ever they want to but still this time we have got many stunning looks in the red carpet which is great and they have literally set a level or you can say new trend of fashion which is really cool for sure. If you are wondering about some of the best met gala outfits then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out:

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in Met Gala 2019

It seems like the theme was meant for her and she was sported stunning in four different looks and she looked bomb for sure and even if some of her outfits were not so good but some of them stood out to be bomb and we loved how gracefully she carried it all. She went with Brandon Maxwell outfits and she chose four of them for her met gala look. At first she was seen in a huge pink gown with a huge bow in front which went well with the theme and in the second look see wore a black huge strapless gown where she went with bold makeup as well and then she rocked some lingerie looks as well and here she went with sleep pink shinny full length lingerie and then she was also seen in a black two piece dress and she looked so gorgeous in that looks.

Kylie as well as Kendal Jenner

Kylie as well as Kendal Jenner in Met Gala 2019

Did you remember the Cinderella story? If yes then you might has seen step sisters and here the Jenner sisters have tried to create the same kind of look but with a fashion twist and we simply cannot stop praising them as they looked dead drop gorgeous. Here Kylie looked like a snow princes whereas Kendal was not less than a fire goddess and they got their dress done by Versace and they went with matching makeup here as well. Both the dress has some feather work all around which looked so gorgeous and also both the sisters had their own feather prop which looked so cool and they are definitely among the best dressed celebs of the met gala 2019 and we literally cannot stop watching the pictures.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion in Met Gala 2019

Her dress had too much of drama and guess what? She proved to be one of the best dressed ladies of the event and maybe it is because of that drama that she pulled up with her dress and the fact cannot be denied that her dress looked so glittery that it literally attracted our eyes and we couldn’t stop staring at her for a while. Here she went with an Oscar de la Renta number and the dress was indeed too bright but this gorgeous lady pulled her look so well. There were glittery strings flowing all over her dress and also she had a white feather crown which looked so stunning and she went with minimal makeup and kept everything neutral here.

Cardi B

Cardi B in Met Gala 2019

Now this is something that a princess may choose to wear and wearing such heavy dress is not at all easy for sure but this lady carried it up like a pro and we loved how she managed her dress in very moment and there has to be one best red dress in the red carpet and this the best red dress of the met gala red carpet is worn by Cardi B. she went with a Thom Browne number and her dress is literally 10 feet longer and is heavy as hell as it has almost 30,000 dyed feathers and the whole dress is made up of silk and she wore a wine colored hat with the dress which looked absolutely stunning on her.


Ciara in Met Gala 2019

Ciara went with a masterpiece dress created by the Dundas and she has to be in the list of best dressed celebs of met gala as she looked stunning in that green dress. Her dress was a long one with a slit cut at side and also there were cuts at the her waist portion as well and the dress was a narrow sleeved one and she wore long similar colored hand gloves with the dress and looked stunning and beside her green glittery dress, her hairs have also stolen the attention and she went with a frizzy as well as bushy hair up do and also she kept her makeup kind of glittery which we loved and also she opted with green stilettos. There were feather work at the flow or you want say at the end of the dress which looked stunning for sure.

Kacey Musqraves

Kacey Musqraves in Met Gala 2019

Now she didn’t experimented too much but ended up being like a Barbie and she looked so adorable in the met gala that we couldn’t get our eyes off her and she managed to pull her Barbie look throughout which is great to see. She literally came in a pink Barbie car which was adorable and here she went with a motorcycle gown which is entirely made up on leather and is colored in a bubble gum pink sort of a color and also she carried a pink framed cat eye sunglass which went well with her outfit and her feathery pink jacket simply became the limelight and she got her dress from Moschino and she kept her makeup fresh and Barbie like which literally completed her look.

Billy Porter

Billy Porter in Met Gala 2019

While talking about so many gorgeous ladies we simply cannot miss this guy as this guy made that effort to set the platform on fire with his look. He went with a gorgeous number by the Blonds and we loved how glittery his dress looked and with the addition of the golden wings he literally looked like an independent bird which has been set free after being caged and we loved how he posed for the pictures with her his wings spread like a proud bird. Apart from the golden glittery wings, his entire dress had golden work and some black designs as well and here he went with golden boots which looked stunning for sure. Billy went with a nice golden head set which literally made him look like a golden bird and she loved how stunning he looked in the met gala 2019 event. Apart from all her also went with a bit of makeup and golden eyes that he went with matched well with the outfit that we wore.

Lupila Nyong’o

Lupila Nyong’o in Met Gala 2019

This lady rocked the met gala with colors and here she wore dress from Versace and the dress is so stunning that it would catch your eyes instantly. Here she wore a sleek pink mirror work dress which is of full length and she had a neon rainbow feather top over the dress and also carried one hand fan of the similar feather work and she literally added lots of colors to the event. She went with heavy makeup this time which was much needed to pull out the grace of her dress and also she went with glittery eyes which we loved so far. Some accessories were also spotted on her that complimented her look beautifully and over all she stunned like a diva at the met gala 2019 event.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan in Met Gala 2019

This pretty lady went with a red dress by Gucci and she stunned everyone with her appearance in red and here she went with a royal princess or queen or more like a worrier queen kind of a dress which we loved and so she has to be among the best dressed celebs in the met gala fashion event and here she wore a full length sleek gown which was glittery and there were some silver as well as golden and green designs all over and the shoulder cage design literally made her the highlight of the event and here she kept her make up more nude or neutral kind of and she let her dress get highlighted which we absolutely loved. Her look was the perfect combination of simplicity and grace with a hint of glitter of course. We have spotted some minimal accessories as well which complimented her outfit as well as her look nicely.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski in Met Gala 2019

This lady literally set fire on the event which we loved and she looked like a mermaid princess here with her white extended feather on the sides of her head. Here she went with a Dundas masterpiece and she looked absolutely gorgeous in her outfit so far. She went with a bob Mackie dress were which looked so hot and she maintained her look with minimal makeup so that her dress could do all the talking and the dress was extended enough at the end which make the look gorgeous.

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