Women’s Merino Wool Base Layer

Merino Wool Base Layers

Women’s Top is a high-performance Merino Wool Base Layers that delivers maximum warmness as well as a level of comfort. Made from Merino wool, it consists of organically antimicrobial. It is breathable and soaks up moisture from the skin layers. It is usually ideal for the winter lively way of living.


 Merino Wool Base Layers


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This very soft wool is a really nice material for the widest temperature range here; the merino wool base will keep you warm and comfy on cold nights, and even put in easily and comfortably whenever the temperature exceeds. Merino also provides an incomparable result, which is highly resistant to odors. If you are wearing the Merino base throughout the day, you may get to sleep on the journeys of the week, or maybe consisting of, additionally, they in no way start to stink.

What Do Merino Wool Base Layers Do? 

 Merino Wool Base Layers


The concept at the base layer is to render thermoregulation in order to reduce moisture from the skin as you move. It is actually the next skin comfort layer, your basic attire. In addition, you can decide the middle or outer layer depending on the temperature and even the weather conditions. The base layer can increase the warmth. Therefore, the pair of winter commuters under the jeans can help keep you warm. However, with the right option, you can sit around the office and leave all day. A good foundation is even more important if you are outdoors in cold weather. They help keep you dry during sweating and adjust body temperature during warming up during activity and cools down during breaks. 

“The hygroscopic process works by removing moisture from the skin by contact with the substrate.” Then, the moisture travels to the outside of the substrate, spreading over a larger surface area that can be more effectively dry.

Lightweight Merino Wool Base Layers

 Merino Wool Base Layers


Use them under the water as well as windproof enclosure and add a toasty warm mid-layer whenever the temperature extremely falls. It does not overheat at the time of pedaling or even working on the workplace. You may also use the similar pair the 7 days before you decide to wash up.

Heavyweight Merino Wool Base Layers

 Merino Wool Base Layers


While you are perspiring, they help you stay dry and then stay warm when you are sitting down. Effective layering can be an ideal help in finding shells that work the same way as middle tiers.

Best Use For:

  • From outdoor activities to cold days
  • Someone has a magnificent winter vacation plan.
  • People living somewhere in the cold winter world
  • Adventure 
  • Skiing


  • Move with you
  • comfort
  • Breathable
  • odor
  • warm


Fit: Slim

 Merino Wool Base Layers



  • Staggered shoulder joints to prevent lap friction 
  • Flat-lock joints prevent friction 
  • Built-in sleeve structure, raglan back 
  • Armpit triangle, comfort and ease and even capability to move 
  • Back hem increases opacity


  • Washing clothes of the same color. 
  • Be careful not to use a fabric softener.
  • Secure all caps for cleaning and drying. 
  • Usually, do not bleach. 
  • Iron at medium temperature. 
  • Do not ever dry clean.

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