Megyn Kelly Hair Locks: Style To Behold For Eternity

megyn kelly hair color

Megyn Kelly has been top on the chart of fame and glory. This TV news celebrity is driving the fans crazy, not only with her journalism skills but also with her fashion style. Well, it’s not always movie celebrities and fashion models pulling the style statement. The glory of fashion is everywhere you just need the right mind and time to capture it. Megyn Kelly’s hair has been popular in the charts whenever she comes on air to read the news.

Even when this journalist had started her journey she came with a very subtle style. She started off with a mid-length hairstyle which made her look very calm and optimistic. But as she grew better in the industry, Megyn Kelly felt her hair needed to represent her changing attitude and circumstances. The short haircut was yet another way to show her strengthened mental state. Apart from a getting a lot of criticism of thumping the US president Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly’s hairstyle kept the viewer’s distracted from the new for a while.


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